Wonder Woman 3 Update Is A Big Relief For DCEU Fans

A major Wonder Woman 3 update should be a relief for DCEU fans and is a reason to get excited about the future of the DC Universe again.

A massive update about the upcoming Wonder Woman 3 film should come as a big relief for followers of the DC Extended Universe. DC has caused plenty of division among viewers in the past couple of years. From calls to restore the SnyderVerse to the cancelation of the Batgirl movie, The DC movie universe has been somewhat unreliable. However, throughout this time, Wonder Woman has been a singular constant in the DC movies. Even with the split reception to Wonder Woman 1984, the character of Diana Prince continues to be a staple of the DCEU as it transitions to a new phase.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has confirmed that the Wonder Woman 3 script is completed. This news should be a big relief to some, as it shows that DC might have their movie slate more intact than it might have appeared. It is unknown when Wonder Woman 3 will release, but the completion of the script suggests that the movie will be hitting theaters sooner rather than later. With the surprise script completion, it is possible that DC will shifts its focus to getting the movie made and replace it with one of the other projects in the current release schedule that has seen consistent delays.

Why The DCEU Needs Wonder Woman 3

Continuity in the DC universe has been scarce. Batman’s appearance in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, confirmed by Jason Momoa himself, has caused confusion over whether Ben Affleck or Michael Keaton will be the universe’s Batman going forward. Henry Cavill’s Superman, the flagship character of the DC universe, hasn’t appeared in a new movie in five years now, instead appearing in new releases as a headless body or a silhouette. Additionally, controversy around Ezra Miller has brought more complications and delays to The Flash movie. Wonder Woman 3 can serve as a solid constant for the DCEU going forward. Even with the divided reception to Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman remains one of the most popular characters in the DCEU. Bringing the character back into the fold sooner than expected could ease audiences’ concerns over the uncertainty surrounding the fates of many fan-favorite characters.

What Wonder Woman 3 Might Look Like

Not much is known about what the completed Wonder Woman 3 script entails, but there are endless possibilities for the story Patty Jenkins might tell with the third film. Wonder Woman 1984‘s mid-credits scene revealed Lynda Carter (who played Wonder Woman in the iconic TV series) as the Amazonian Asteria living in hiding among humanity. It is likely that Wonder Woman 3 will continue with this reveal and involve Lynda Carter’s character in the story. Wonder Woman 3 taking place in the modern day would also be a helpful change for stability in the DCEU. With Diana fighting crime in the present, the movie can tie the character back into the larger universe and set up where the DCEU is going. As a bonus, a modern-day story about Wonder Woman can include Justice League members, or at least allude to what other Justice League members are doing, teasing characters’ futures and creating excitement over a shared universe and possible team-ups again.

Wonder Woman 3’s script is complete and the thought of having the movie sooner than expected should cause excitement for the future of the DC Extended Universe. Streamlining Wonder Woman 3’s production can send a message that the DC movie slate is stable once again and that there is a clear vision for the universe’s future. With no solo films for Batman or Superman currently announced, Wonder Woman 3 is DC’s best option to steady the inconsistency of their movie slate with a member of the Justice League’s big three leading the way.

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