Why Does Haddonfield Hate Laurie? Explaining Halloween Ends’ Weird Change

Warning: Spoiler Alert For Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends changes gears on the public opinion of Laurie Strode. The movie sees a time jump to four years after Halloween Kills, showing that the lasting effects of that night took a toll on the citizens of Haddonfield. In the previous film, the town had rallied behind Laurie, forming a mob dedicated to taking Michael Myers down.

In Halloween Ends, interactions between the locals and Laurie indicate that the town’s opinion of her have shifted in the last four years. Outside the supermarket, Laure is confronted by the sister of Sondra, who blames Laurie for her sister’s condition. Sondra’s sister believes that Laurie provoked Michael and was responsible for the damage Myers caused. Similar sentiments were shared by others, including a group of teenagers and Corey Cunningham’s mother. Corey’s mother blames Laurie for how her son is perceived by the town, which leads to his connection to Michael Myers. Halloween Ends’ depiction of Haddonfield hating Laurie all comes down to them blaming her for Myer’s killings and the fallout, a strange choice for the film as Michael’s actions are not Laurie’s fault.

Laurie Strode Wasn’t To Blame For Michael Myers

Though Halloween Ends shows that Laurie had become reclusive from the rest of the town, she was not responsible for Michael’s return. Michael was goaded by two true crime podcasters who flaunted Michael’s mask in front of him, potentially reminding the killer of the events that happened in 1978. Michael’s psychiatrist, Dr. Sartain, orchestrated Myers’ escape to further study him for selfish reasons. While those people might be blamed for enabling Michael Myers’ killing spree, Laurie was simply preparing for the inevitable, which was his return after all these years.

Why Laurie Deserved More From Haddonfield

Halloween Ends’ decision to have members of the town alienate Laurie was a strange change considering all she has been through. Some Haddonfield residents blamed Laurie for their losses, but the film doesn’t seem to reflect on all that Laurie lost. She was never able to live an everyday life as she was always living in fear, waiting for the return of a monster. She lost her daughter, Karen, and her son-in-law while also suffering PTSD from the previous events.

Laurie does get somewhat of a happy ending after finally killing Michael in Halloween Ends. This time, she makes sure he is gone for good by having his body dismantled by a scrap metal shredder. She is joined by the town’s folk in a procession for Michael, to rid themselves of the trauma he brought upon Haddonfield collectively. Laurie is able to find peace afterward, rekindling her relationship with Officer Hawkins and finishing her memoir. However, these final scenes drive home the fact that the Haddonfield residents’ antagonism of Laurie Strode was unjust, and their joining in the procession shows their own hypocrisy as Halloween Ends draws to a close.

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