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When a freighter collided with a bridge crane at Kaohsiung Port, the container collapsed, injuring one and trapping two others.

This morning, an industrial safety disaster happened at Kaohsiung Port. Pier 70’s bridge crane unexpectedly collapsed. It was feared that a container ship had strayed from the waterway. It collided with the bridge crane adjacent to the pier, dozens of kilometers distant, as it drove too close to the port.
The foot-high crane landed on the wharf road, crushing the container on the side. A large amount of sand and dust was thrown around the scene, and the staff fled in terror, almost reaching the towing vehicle on the side. According to preliminary reports, one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and the details are still being investigated.


According to Kaohsiung Port police, the injured person is a 58-year-old worker named Zhang. His left forearm had been severed, but his limbs could still move freely and he was conscious. He was taken to the hospital and given blood and X-rays. The hospital must now determine whether there is any internal damage.
It was towed after being hit by a large freighter. Following the collapse of the two cranes, the container fell to the ground. Not only was the container damaged, but there was also a person present. Minor injuries were sustained, and two engineers were trapped on the crane. A crane has been dispatched to conduct search and rescue operations.


The accident occurred on the morning of March 3rd. At 11 a.m., the police received a report and responded to the scene. The container had shattered in several places. Fortunately, the emergency personnel on the scene acted quickly. Only one person was hurt, and no one else was hurt. Spread the word. In addition, unexpectedly recent videos have been exposed on the Internet one after the other.

It is clear that there was a large freighter present at the time. It was suspected that it was too close to the pier while entering the port. The ship’s structure collided with two bridge cranes at the Yangming Shipping Container Yard. After that, the crane collapsed toward the port area.

It simply swept down the stacked containers, causing them to collapse in series and almost spread to the vehicles on the side.

The cost of the two bridge cranes that were hit, collapsed, and were severely damaged is estimated to be around 600 million yuan, and the subsequent compensation issue may be difficult to estimate.

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