Werewolf By Night Director Gets Honest About Blade Cameo Rumors

Werewolf by Night director Michael Giacchino talks about the special and whether or not Blade the vampire hunter was ever going to be in it.

Director Michael Giacchino talks about the Blade cameo rumors for Werewolf by Night. Blade has long been a popular character from the library of Marvel Comics. While he was rather obscure back in the ’70s when he was introduced, he gained a wider audience when Wesley Snipes portrayed the character in the 1998 film Blade. This was followed by the Guillermo del Toro-directed sequel Blade II and the third and final film in the franchise, Blade: Trinity. A television series on Spike TV starring rapper Sticky Fingaz aired but was canceled after one season. Following the rights to the character reverting to Marvel Studios, there has been a long wait to see the vampire hunter’s return. Mahershala Ali was cast as Blade in 2019 with a solo feature film set to release in 2023.

Following the announcement of the Werewolf by Night special, which released on Disney+ October 7, there was speculation about characters who could potentially cameo. The most obvious of theories was that Ali would appear as Blade. This was fueled by anticipation of seeing the actor in the role after only hearing his voice at the end of Eternals, thus increasing intrigue for the special.

Giacchino sat down with The Wrap to talk about Werewolf by Night and addressed the rumors of Blade appearing in it. Despite what seemed like an obvious team-up, Giacchino denied Blade ever came close to actually playing a role in the special. Read his full comments below:

God, I love the internet. Anyway, there was a brief moment when we thought, in the development process, ‘Oh it would be cool if you did this and that.’ But the truth is, as you start getting into the story and as you start developing a lot of those things that in the very beginning are just shiny extras, drop off. You don’t need them. And I read one thing where they’re like, ‘Well due to scheduling conflicts.’ I’m like, well it never even got anywhere near trying to schedule it. It was just something that as a thought, you’re thinking, ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be cool if, if, if.’ And a lot of those ifs go away, not because the schedule conflicts, but because you don’t need them. They don’t necessarily help. And I’m a big fan of getting rid of what you don’t need. And if you don’t need it, don’t do it because it just, we’ve all seen movies that have a lot in them that you don’t need. And I tend to lean the other way. I want to get rid of as much as possible. It takes a lot of thinning out, a lot of work. But it was a thought but it was never a thing.

Blade Was Never Going To Be In Werewolf By Night

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has garnered a reputation for providing Easter eggs, as well as hints and clues for its upcoming feature films and television shows throughout its projects. With such a long and storied history of characters and events, audiences, especially those familiar with the comics, have come to expect these sorts of teases and connections. Giacchino even addressed this ahead of Werewolf by Night‘s release, downplaying the need for everything in the MCU to tie together.

While Blade appearing in Werewolf by Night would have been fun, it makes sense why Giacchino and his collaborators opted not to include him in the special. Such a thing would have made it feel overstuffed, especially since critics and audiences have appreciated that the project works on its own without relying on too many connections to the wider MCU. Should Marvel choose to continue to make more one-off specials, it would allow the studio to experiment with focusing on smaller characters completely on their own and not bogged down by excessive MCU references or Easter eggs.

Source: The Wrap

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