Werewolf By Night Concept Art Gives Best Look at MCU Character

New concept art has been unveiled giving audiences a full look at the design for Werewolf by Night, including what he would look like in color.

A Marvel Studios concept artist has released the best look at the design of Werewolf by Night in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Werewolf by Night introduced a new corner for the MCU as well as such new characters as Jack Russell as the titular monster, in addition to Man-Thing and Elsa Bloodstone. Werewolf by Night premiered on Disney+ on October 6, and has earned positive reviews from audiences and critics alike, with many praising its throwback style, sense of humor, brutal action and horror elements.

Werewolf by Night is a homage to the classic Universal Monsters, down to the black-and-white look of the project. Michael Giacchino, whose breakout directorial work scored widespread acclaim, employed many practical effects for the monsters seen in the special, including for Man-Thing and the Werewolf by Night himself. Jack Russell’s werewolf design is kept intentionally obscured for the special, with the monster not even seen until its final act, and audiences are now left waiting to see more of his breakout new character.

For anyone hoping to get a full look at the werewolf design, concept artist Billy Christian has shared a new look at concept art for Werewolf by Night offering the best look at the monster. The concept art, shared via Twitter, provides a look at what Werewolf by Night looked like in color before the decision was made to showcase it in black and white. Christian reveals that this artwork will be used as a style guide, likely influencing how Werewolf by Night will appear in merchandise, theme park appearances, and possible future MCU appearances. Check out the concept art below:

What’s Next For Werewolf by Night In The MCU

Werewolf by Night has only been out for a week, yet Disney has already capitalized on the special success by putting both Werewolf by Night and Elsa Bloodstone in Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure. Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing were showcased in concept art for the upcoming Multiverse ride for Avengers Campus showcasing that there are some long-term plans for these characters. As for Werewolf by Night’s future appearances in the MCU, recent developments may hint at the character’s next appearance.

Blade is looking for a new director and undergoing massive rewrites to the script, meaning there is a chance Werewolf by Night could be written into the film. Oscar Isaac also confirmed that Moon Knight will return, and given Moon Knight first appeared in a Werewolf by Night comic the two characters could finally come face to face. Theories have been circulating that Ghost Rider will soon be making his MCU debut hinting that Marvel Studios could be setting the stage to unite their various supernatural heroes in a team-up event, with Werewolf by Night now a prime candidate.
Source: Billy Christian/Twitter

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