Walking Dead Showrunner Teases Consequences For Eugene Killing [SPOILER]

Spoilers for The Walking Dead episode 18 below!

The Walking Dead showrunner, Angela Kang, recently teased major consequences for Eugene for killing Sebastian Milton. Season 11 of the zombie-horror show saw the introduction of the Commonwealth, a functioning community that offered protections that most survivors could only dream of within the post-apocalyptic setting. Led by the seemingly compassionate Governor Pamela Milton, she delegates much of her day-to-day operations to her right-hand man, Lance Hornsby, who runs the Commonwealth with military efficiency through the use of an armed organized police force and a clandestine network of operatives. After capturing Hornsby in episode 17, Daryl and Maggie attempt to use him as a scapegoat for Sebastian’s crimes in an attempt to protect members of the core survivors group still within the Commonwealth.

With Sebastian set to renew his image with a Founder’s Day speech in episode 18, Eugene and Max Mercer attempt to set the record straight, sabotaging Sebastian’s moment by playing an audio recording that reveals Pamela’s spoiled son’s true nature. With newly reanimated walkers wreaking havoc at the gathering, Sebastian attempts to exact his revenge by killing Max. However, Eugene courageously attacks Sebastian, knocking him into walkers who brutally tear him apart, a death that was changed dramatically from the comics.

In a recent interview with EW, Kang teases the consequences for Eugene killing Sebastian at the end of The Walking Dead season 11, episode 18. Without divulging specifics, the showrunner stated that there will be “repercussions” for Eugene’s murder of Sebastian. Read what Kang said below:

Oh yeah, there’re repercussions. I’m not going to talk about the repercussions, you’ll have to watch, but there are.

Things are going to get really intense and weird. There are some scenes in the next episode that I just think are so, so cool that I really hope the fans enjoy as much as we enjoyed making them. But there are a lot of repercussions from what happened in 18.

How Will Eugene Face Punishment?

Although Pamela understood her son to be someone who has done terrible things and a horrible person, as his mother she likely still loves him regardless of his faults. The pain of her loss may drive Pamela to seek vengeance for Sebastian’s death, specifically targeting Eugene for being the one who pushed her son into the walkers, sealing his gruesome fate. With Hornsby locked up, Pamela may turn to him to help her guide her retribution against Eugene and the rest of his people.

Recently, a short The Walking Dead season 11 trailer was released that showed Eugene possibly on trial. It is likely that he will face judgment for Sebastian’s murder, defending his actions in the Commonwealth’s judicial court system while his friends fight for their survival against Hornsby’s ruthless agents. However, with Sebastian’s attack on Max and his death viewed by dozens of witnesses, Eugene fares a good chance to be found not guilty of his crimes as he was protecting Max. The trial will prove to be a challenging moment for Pamela who may want nothing more than for Eugene to meet the same fate as her son. With only six episodes remaining in The Walking Dead, the stakes have never been higher for the survival of the show’s heroes and humanity itself.

Source: EW

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