Ukraine plans blackouts as it prepares for an extended power outage

Emergency personnel in Kyiv are considering a total blackout that would necessitate the evacuation of three million citizens due to a seriously damaged energy grid caused by Russian missiles.

The areas of Ukraine prepare for a complete loss of energy.
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Ukrainian regions make contingency plans in case they fully lose electricity.

Source: The New York Times

UKRAINE: KYIV Officials in the capital of Ukraine say they have started preparing for a scenario that was once unthinkable: a total blackout that would necessitate the evacuation of the city’s remaining three million inhabitants. This is despite the fact that they are struggling to maintain what is left of an electricity grid that has been severely damaged by Russian missiles.

With 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure damaged or destroyed, the situation is already so bad that municipal workers in Kyiv are erecting more than 1,000 shelters that can serve as bunkers with supplies and generators as experts scramble to repair bombed-out power plants.

Source: The New York Times

Ukraine’s national energy provider announced on Saturday that it would impose rolling blackouts in seven districts in an effort to prevent the grid from completely failing.

Russia’s targeting of power plants, wires, and substations all around Ukraine has put an enormous pressure on the nation’s electrical infrastructure. The Russian attacks have caused more hardship for citizens in Ukraine and compelled officials to consider the potential that additional harm could prevent them from providing essential services.

“We understand that if Russia continues such attacks, we may lose our entire electricity system,” Roman Tkachuk, the director of security in Kyiv, said in an interview on Friday. “That’s why we are preparing for a cold winter.”

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