Titans Season 4 Villain Costumes Revealed In New Brother Blood Images

HBO Max reveals the costumes for Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and Jinx in Titans season 4. One of HBO Max’s most popular DC TV shows is Titans, a gritty live-action adaptation of the Teen Titans mythology, which is returning for season 4 after having been on a hiatus since late 2021. After defeating Scarecrow in Titans season 3, Nightwing and his band of heroes leave Gotham City behind and head toward their next adventure.

In Titans season 4, the gang will face one of the Teen Titans’ most iconic villains from the comics. Joseph Morgan, best known for playing Klaus Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries franchise, will appear as Sebastian Sanger, a.k.a. Brother Blood, the leader of a supernatural cult. Morgan, a series regular, will also be joined by May Bennett, a.k.a. Mother Mayhem, played by Franka Potente. In addition to Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem, Lisa Ambalavanar will recur as Jinx, a member of the Fearsome Five. Titus Welliver’s Lex Luthor will also be a new villain in Titans season 4, giving the heroes plenty of threats.

While Titans season 4 has yet to get a proper premiere date, HBO Max has revealed the first official look at Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and Jinx’s costume. Morgan’s Brother Blood uniform was designed by Titans’ long-time costume designer Laura Jean Shannon, while Nola Chaters created Mother Mayhem’s outfit. Check out the costumes in the gallery below:

How Titans’ Brother Blood In Live-Action Compare To Arrow’s Version

While this will be the first time Mother Mayhem and Jinx have appeared in live-action, Titans is the second DC TV show to feature Brother Blood. In Arrow season 2, Kevin Alejandro played a reimagined version of Sebastian, who worked for Deathstroke and helped him create his Mirakuru army. While the Arrowverse’s Sebastian sported a costume, it was nowhere near as comic-accurate as Morgan’s Brother Blood in Titans season 4. Alejandro’s character wore a Scarecrow-looking skull mask as part of his disguise. In Arrow’s defense, this was during the Arrowverse’s earlier days before they got more comic book-y with their costumes.

Given Mother Mayhem and Brother Blood’s ties in the comics, it will be fascinating to see how Titans season 4 handles their dynamic. With the addition of Jinx, it wouldn’t be shocking if Ambalavanar’s character isn’t part of the Brother Blood storyline but will still be a separate threat to the Titans throughout the season. Since the DC TV show has already introduced a few members of the Fearsome Five, maybe Titans season 4 will be the year where that team properly comes together. With Titans set to appear at New York Comic-Con this weekend, more details will be revealed as the show prepares for its November premiere.

Source: HBO Max/Warner Bros. TV

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