The Name of Lisbon's Gang Could Have Been Lima, Reveals Star

Raquel Murillo, played by Itziar Ituo in Money Heist, is eventually assigned the code name Lisbon, while Lima was one of the original options.

Itziar Ituo, the star of Money Heist, said that her character Lisbon was almost named Lima. The Spanish heist series, produced by Alex Pina in 2017, ran for five seasons after being picked up by Netflix. It chronicled the adventures of a group of robbers led by The Professor (lvaro Morte). Although many of their real names are revealed throughout the series, the gang is initially only known by their code names, which are cities from around the world such as Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Denver (Jaime Lorente), Nairobi (Alba Flores), Rio de Janeiro (Miguel Herrán), and Tokyo (rsula Corberó), who also narrates the series.

Itziar Ituo’s Raquel Murillo, who appears in every episode of Money Heist, is one of the most engaging characters during the series’ length. In seasons 1 and 2, she was the inspector sent to negotiate with the Professor during the group’s first theft, but she eventually fell in love with him and joined the gang in season 3. She used the code name Lisbon, which is the capital of Portugal.

Roster Con has released a video interview with Itziar Ituo, which was shot during the Money Heist-themed conference The Hold Up Gang, which took place in Paris on January 8, 2022. When asked what name she would have given her character, she stated that she had selected her own name. She chose Lisbon when asked to choose a city name during a pre-season 3 interview, and although though the authors “were wavering… between Lisbon and Lima,” they ended up going with the name she had previously chosen. Read the entire quote below:

Well, once in an interview, I was asked to choose a country capitol, and I had chosen Lisbon. And later, without knowing that Raquel – without knowing that there would be a third part – I said Lisbon and they gave me that name. They changed my name and called me Lisbon, as I had chosen. I think they were hesitating between two, between Lisbon and Lima, but in the end they chose Lisbon. But then thinking about it, I thought “I should have chosen Bilbao, as I am from there!” But hey, I love Lisbon.

It appears that, owing to the highly specific circumstances surrounding her character’s joining the gang, Ituo was most likely the only actress authorized to pick her character’s code name. She was requested to come up with a code name since, towards the end of the first two seasons, she was the only important character who had joined the gang who didn’t have one. The only other character in the same position, Esther Acebo’s prisoner Mónica Gaztambide, has the code name Stockholm pre-determined because it’s a joke about her Stockholm syndrome.

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