The Meaning Of Elendil’s Name & Why It’s Important In LOTR

Elendil’s teases the real meaning of his name, which will become a far more important detail in the later seasons of The Rings of Power.

This article contains spoilers for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1.In episode 3 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Tar-Miriel questions Elendil about the true meaning behind his name. At first, he gives an alternate translation by saying that it means “lover of the stars.” But it also means “Elf-friend.” This isn’t something that Elendil wants the public of Númenor to know since the island has had little relationship with the Elves for some time.

The split between those who side with the Elves and those who hate and despise them will become far more apparent in the next season of The Rings of Power. As an “Elf-friend,” and one of the Faithful, Elendil quickly befriends Galadriel and assists her in her quest to rid the Southlands of evil. This friendship will become of great importance after Elendil founds Gondor since he later fights side by side with the Elves against the might of Sauron.

What Are The Faithful? Elendil’s Connection To The Elves Explained

The Faithful are a shunned group of people in Númenor who adhere to the ancient customs and beliefs of the island. One of the hallmark beliefs of the Faithful is their reverence of the Valar, who are essentially the demigods of Middle-earth. It is the Valar who gave the island of Númenor to the race of Men. Initially, the Faithful were the main power in Númenor. But by the time of The Rings of Power — after years of persecution from wicked kings — the Faithful are thinly stretched across the island, with few of them holding to the old traditions.

Unlike many of the other inhabitants of the of Númenor, Elendil is of the Dúnedain — a race of Men descended from Elros. Despite having some Elvish blood in him, Elros, being Elrond’s brother, chose to be allotted among the race of Men. So while those of his race still grow old and die, they are blessed with a far longer lifespan than the average Man. Therefore, Elendil’s name means far more than just a friend of the elves, as one of his great-grandmothers was actually an Elf.

Elendil’s Future In The Rings Of Power

It is because of Tar-Palantir — the current bedridden king of Númenor — that Elendil has his position in the Sea Gaurd since the late king attempted to return the island to the way of the Faithful. But with Ar-pharazôn’s wickedness only beginning to show, Elendil and the Faithful are soon to face persecution from their people again. In the coming seasons, Ar-pharazôn will attempt to seize control of Númenor, spelling out the doom of the island. Tar-Miriel’s vision of Númenor is only just beginning to come to pass, and Elendil will have to face the coming storm along with her in the next season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

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