The Flash Season 9 May Feature Familiar Faces, Says Joe West Actor

Jesse L. Martin, who plays Joe West in the Arrowverse, teases that familiar faces will appear in The Flash season 9. While several shows on The CW came to an end in 2022, one of the network’s flagship dramas will come to a conclusion in 2023. After airing for nearly a decade, The Flash is officially ending with season 9, making it the Arrowverse’s longest-running series. Prior to The CW making the announcement, it was heavily speculated that The Flash season 9 would be its last one, especially as Grant Gustin had only signed on for one more year.

The Arrowverse drama recently began production in Vancouver, Canada, and unlike previous years, The Flash season 9 will only have 13 episodes. Prior to the global pandemic, The Flash would usually get picked up for 22 episodes, while the latest two seasons had between 18-20 installments. While details are being kept under wraps for The Flash’s final season, Gustin will be joined by returning stars Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Brandon McKnight, Kayla Compton, and Danielle Nicolet. Even though Martin exited as a Flash series regular after season 8, Joe will appear in a handful of episodes during the final season.

(But even though The Flash season 9 has only been filming for a few weeks, the final season will apparently feature some familiar characters. In a recent interview with The Wrap at the Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala, Martin was asked what he could tease about The Flash’s swan song season. While Martin couldn’t give away any spoilers, the actor did tease that there will be a “high school reunion” of metahumans that will resurface in the new season.

“I don’t know how much I am supposed to tease – and I don’t know a lot, either by the way, they don’t tell us – a lot of it hasn’t been written. But what I can tell you is that a lot of familiar faces you came to know over the last 8-9 seasons will pop up in the little bit of time that we have to do it. But you are going to see a whole gang, it’ll be like a high school reunion with metahumans. I can tease that!”

Which Arrowverse Characters Could Appear In The Flash Season 9

While The Flash has introduced an endless amount of metahumans since it began in 2014, it sounds like Martin might be teasing an assembling of the Rogues in some capacity. Despite there having been a few Rogues-like team-ups in past seasons, The Flash has never been able to bring all of them together, especially due to Captain Cold and Heatwave leaving for Legends of Tomorrow in season 2. Since The Flash recently tapped Richard Harmon as the new Captain Boomerang, it’s possible Owen Mercer will be part of a new Rogues team-up and will go after the Scarlet Speedster with some of his old enemies. Some potential options could include Amunet Black, Goldface, Pied Piper, Weather Witch, or even post-Crisis versions of past metahumans.

Even though there will still be a big bad – possibly Cobalt Blue – it will also be fun to see other villains appear one last time. With only 13 episodes for The Flash’s final season, it’s possible this metahuman reunion will only be for a few episodes and serve as a secondary storyline. Since The Flash set photos do tend to come out, it wouldn’t be shocking if some of those characters get revealed in the coming weeks. Hopefully, as The Flash season 9 gets its premiere date in the coming months, The CW will begin to announce who some of those characters could be when the show returns in 2023.

Source: The Wrap

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