The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer Reveals Rayla’s Return

A new The Dragon Prince season 4 trailer reveals Rayla’s return after two years and Ezran’s dedication to unite the world and live in peace.

A new The Dragon Prince season 4 trailer reveals Rayla’s return. The popular Netflix animated fantasy series focuses on the unrest between the five human kingdoms and the enchanted world of Xadia following the murder of the Dragon King and the thought-to-be destroyed Dragon Prince egg by King Harrow of Katolis and his High Mage, Viren. After Callum discovers that the egg survived and was stolen by Viren, the young prince along with his step-brother, Ezran, partners with the Moonshadow Elf Rayla and journeys to Xadia to return the Dragon Prince and avert a devastating war.

The conclusion of The Dragon Prince season 3 had Callum, Ezran, and Rayla successfully return the now-hatched Dragon Prince Zym to Xadia. The three managed to form an army featuring the combined forces of elves, dragons, and humans and stopped Viren’s advances with his dark magic-enchanted army. However, the army’s attack was a ruse to capture Zym and absorb his power. Callum and Rayla fought Viren atop the Storm Spire and knocked him off a cliff, seemingly killing him. However, it is later revealed that Viren was resurrected by his daughter, Claudia, after two years of trying with dark magic. In the canon graphic novel, The Dragon Prince: Through the Moon, Rayla discovers that Viren is still alive and departs alone on a mission to find and stop him once and for all.

A new The Dragon Prince season 4 trailer reveals Rayla’s return to Callum after years on her mission to find Viren. Set two years after the events of season 3, King Ezran strives for peace between the realms while Viren searches for the evil elf Aaravos to ensure his resurrection. The trailer also finally delivers an official The Dragon Prince season 4 release date of November 3.

Will Callum and Rayla Get Back Together?

The Dragon Prince season 3 saw Callum and Rayla profess their love for each other after over two seasons of romantic tension. Even though Rayla left to complete her mission against Viren, her love for Callum is likely just as strong as it was the day she left. It may be what fueled Rayla’s mission to protect Callum and those she cares for from Viren’s immense power. Although Rayla has finally returned to Callum after years of being away, the two may struggle to continue their romantic relationship.

Her absence has clearly been a strain on Callum. Rayla lied to Callum the last night they were together, telling him that they would embark on their search for Viren together. Although Rayla said this to stop Callum from joining her to keep the young prince safe, the pain of the lie likely lingers after those years. Regardless of the tension between the two, their love grew strong throughout their journey to return Zym to his mother. Audiences do not have to wait much longer to see Callum and Rayla back together when The Dragon Prince returns to Netflix in November.

Source & trailer: The Dragon Prince

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