The Crown Season 5 Trailer Shows Princess Diana’s Fight With Royal Family

The new trailer for The Crown season 5 shows the royal family falling into chaos during the lead-up to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce. The Netflix series, which began airing in 2016, is a dramatization of the life of the British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, with every two seasons covering a different time period and starring a different lead actor. The show began in her youth when she was first crowned Queen, as played by Claire Foy, then continuing into the Thatcher period, when she is played by Olivia Colman. That season also introduced Princess Diana, as played by Pennyworth‘s Emma Corrin.

The new season of The Crown, which is the penultimate season of the show, will feature an entirely new cast portraying the main characters following a new time jump. This new cast includes Harry Potter‘s Imelda Staunton taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth II from Colman, Elizabeth Debicki replacing Corrin as Princess Diana, and Dominic West stepping into Josh O’Connor’s shoes as Prince Charles. Also joining the cast are Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, and Jonny Lee Miller as Prime Minister John Major.

The royal family is in genuine crisis,” teases the brand-new trailer for The Crown season 5, which was just dropped by Netflix. While the strains of “Bittersweet Symphony” play behind her, the trailer shows that Diana is reaching a “breaking point” and that the royal family sees her as a threat. As the family closes ranks, they tease that “it’s all about to erupt.

What True Events The Crown Will Cover Before Its Finale

This new The Crown season 5 trailer is teasing the inception of one of the biggest international news scandals of the 1990s. Charles and Diana’s contentious divorce was splashed across the pages of magazines and newspapers as both attempted to win the press in their favor. However, the ending of that particular chapter of the royal family – the tragic death of Princess Diana in a car accident – will not be dramatized onscreen, merely referenced as part of the ongoing larger story.

Although The Crown is now entering a more modern era of the royal family, their upcoming series-ending season 6 has a certain endpoint that it is reaching for. The creators don’t want to engage in the more contemporary situations involving the family that are still ongoing, including Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from the family and the fallout of Queen Elizabeth II’s recent death. However, the show will reach even further into recent history than the discord between Diana and Charles, including Prince William meeting his future bride, Kate Middleton.

Source: Netflix

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