Tales Of The Jedi Poster

A new poster for Tales of the Jedi shows off the force-sensitive stars set to appear in the upcoming animated Star Wars series. The show is the latest small-screen addition to the franchise since Disney’s 2012 Lucasfilm takeover, joining the likes of The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, fellow animated series The Bad Batch, and the currently streaming Andor. Like the rest of the recent Star Wars TV takeover, the series will be headed up by David Filoni, with Star Wars alums like Liam Neeson and Ahsoka voice-actor Ashley Eckstein reprising their respective roles for the upcoming show.

Tales of the Jedi will consist of six shorts split into two storylines. While one storyline will focus on the life of Ahsoka Tano, the other will center on a young Count Dooku before his fall from grace, with both storylines allowing for plenty of iconic faces to appear throughout the show’s run. The recent trailer proved to be a buffet for The Clone Wars fans, particularly teasing the return of Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker while also hinting that fans will get their deepest look at its central characters yet, including offering a look at baby Ahsoka.

Shared by Disney+ on their Twitter page, a new poster has teased the upcoming series, putting Ahsoka and Dooku in the central spot. With the pair separated by a dazzling blue lightsaber, the rest of the poster is left to show off the series’ other major players, like Obi-Wan in his now iconic armor, while also boasting a couple of surprise inclusions. More obscure Star Wars characters like Tera Sinube and Yaddle have also made their way onto the poster, hinting at perhaps more significant parts for these often underused characters. Check out the poster below.

What’s Next For The Future Of Animated Star Wars?

With Star Wars thriving on the small screen, it makes sense for the franchise to expand further into the animated realm. Star Wars animation already has a wealth of pedigree in its back catalog, with the likes of The Clone Wars setting an impressive standard for future entries. It looks like Tales of the Jedi will help satisfy the demand for more material in one fan’s favorite Star Wars-eras. Of course, there’s more animated material to come from the galaxy far away, with season 2 of both The Bad Batch and Visions on the horizon, proving the future is bright for smaller Star Wars projects.

But while Star Wars continues to grow on TV, the fate of its future big-screen entries isn’t so certain. With Rogue Squadron disappearing from Disney’s release schedule and Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie mostly radio silent since its confirmation, there’s currently no set confirmation of when the next entry in the franchise will appear. That being said, with the TV entries going from strength to strength – with Andor, so far, looking like one of the strongest entries yet – there’s a debate to be had whether the franchise should forgo movies completely and continue on its current winning trajectory. Fans will discover if Tales of the Jedi will become another animated Star Wars classic when the series streams on October 26th.

Source: Disney+/Twitter

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