Sorry Vin Diesel, But A Solo Groot Movie Is A Bad Idea

Vin Diesel claims Marvel Studios wants to make a solo Groot movie. Here’s a better idea: a team-up starring Groot and another Guardian of the Galaxy.

Vin Diesel claims a solo Groot spinoff movie may be coming to the MCU, but that would be a bad idea. The character made his MCU debut in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and his rebirth at the end of that movie as Baby Groot is still the cutest Marvel end-credits scene. Despite the new Groot aging quickly in subsequent movies, Marvel Studios has continued to leverage Baby Groot’s popularity over the years, culminating in the release of a series of animated shorts collectively called I Am Groot on Disney+ in August 2022.

If Vin Diesel is to be believed, however, the MCU might have even bigger plans for his Guardians of the Galaxy character. According to a recent Instagram post from the actor, Marvel Studios wants to make a solo Groot spinoff movie about the tree-like alien’s home world, Planet X. That seems unlikely for several reasons, with the main one being that a solo Groot spinoff movie is just a bad idea. If Marvel Studios is indeed interested in exploring Groot further via a feature film, it would be better to team him up with a certain furry, acerbic, fellow Guardian of the Galaxy instead: Rocket Raccoon.

Will Marvel Actually Make A Solo Groot Movie?

The vast list of upcoming MCU projects in development shows no sign of a solo Groot spinoff movie. Marvel Studios isn’t immune to hiding a few tricks up their expansive sleeve, but there’s no reason to believe the MCU’s very comprehensive roadmap of the future would deliberately hide, of all things, a solo Groot movie. The common denominator to the idea is Vin Diesel, who also initiated the conversation about a feature film headlined by Groot back in 2017 when he said he discussed the idea with Guardians of the Galaxy writer-director James Gunn. It’s been half a decade since then, and there is still no official sign of a solo Groot movie from Marvel Studios.

It’s entirely possible Vin Diesel knows a secret about Groot’s MCU future that nobody else does. It also seems quite possible that Marvel Studios and even James Gunn realize a solo Groot spinoff movie is a bad idea. The character isn’t really worthy of a feature film, and it shows both based on his MCU appearances and his animated Disney+ series. Groot works best within the context of the Guardians of the Galaxy team ensemble and in limited amounts of screen time. Despite presenting the character in his cutest, most animated form, I Am Groot worked precisely because the show didn’t overstay its welcome.

A Groot And Rocket Raccoon Story Would Be Better

If Marvel Studios is actually keen on making a Groot spinoff movie, it would be better to pair the character with his tragic companion, Rocket Raccoon. While Groot has had his share of nice moments with the other Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s obvious that he has the most chemistry with Rocket. Since both fan-favorite characters have taken a backseat on a superhero team that has, itself, taken a backseat to the Avengers, it would make sense to bring both Groot and Rocket into the feature film spotlight at the same time.

Vin Diesel doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to teasing Groot’s MCU future, but his most recent Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff announcement should be taken with a grain of salt the size of Tiamut. At the very least, Groot fans can take consolation in I Am Groot season 2 already being confirmed. However, confirmation of a solo Groot movie is a different story — and it can only be found on Vin Diesel’s Instagram.

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