Shocking Backstage Report Confirms AEW Star Is Trying To Get Fired

Just over a month after CM Punk went scorched Earth during his post-All Out media scrum, AEW now has another fire on its hands as the situation between Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara escalated on October 5. Late in the afternoon, but before Wednesday Night Dynamite went on air, various media outlets reported that the two men had gotten into a scuffle backstage, and the former NXT champion had been sent home. Since then, more details have emerged about what went down.

During the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that El Idolo was attempting to get fired by starting drama. “Andrade is trying to get fired. We all know that. So far, when guys want to leave, some will go to great extremes to do that. It’s happened with WWE, I’ve talked to people in WWE who have tried to get fired with some of the craziest things in the world…Now, getting in a fight was never one of them. But there’s things much crazier than that…” Meltzer continued detailing some grave news about AEW’s backstage issues. “So now, the situation is on the other front, where there’s a few people–and it’s not that many, it’s like, three–that want to leave [AEW], and there’s different stories. Andrade is one of them, and he’s basically said it publically in that interview.

Andrade El Idolo (Probably) Isn’t Doing Himself Any Favors In AEW

Reports indicate that Andrade El Idolo was told that fighting with Sammy would not result in his termination. That’s the route he decided to take anyway, and he was sent home from Dynamite. Andrade allegedly threw punches at Guevara, and the fight quickly ended. Multiple eyewitness accounts have confirmed that Guevara didn’t retaliate in any way, which is likely why he was still allowed to be a part of the third-anniversary show.

In October, El Idolo confirmed that he’d inked a three-year deal with AEW. That’d mean he has over two years remaining on his contract now. Last week, Tony Khan made it clear that he wouldn’t be granting any of his talent releases. It’s also worth noting that the co-founder and owner of All Elite Wrestling has been upset with WWE for trying to poach his contracted talent, perhaps making it even less likely that he’d be willing to let El Idolo out of his current deal. Of course, El Idolo worked under the NXT banner (and with Triple H) as Andrade Cien Almas for several years, seeing great success with the brand. He’s also married to Charlotte Flair, one of WWE’s most accomplished modern-day wrestlers. AEW has already announced El Idolo’s scheduled career vs. mask match with 10 will no longer be taking place on Rampage.

Source: Wrestling Observer Radio
Source: Screenrant

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