Lucifer’s Trivia Quiz

Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is lovable, daring, vulnerable, and kind. Ever since Lucifer debuted in 2016, Ellis’ acting and the main character have long been praised as key components of the series’ success. The program soon developed a cult following and received high ratings on Fox until it was canceled in 2018 after three seasons. Fans of the show were devastated and turned to social media to vent their displeasure. Netflix, the streaming behemoth, realized the potential and granted viewers two more seasons of the program. Lucifer’s producers revealed in June 2020 that the cast had signed a contract. Lucifer’s producers revealed in June 2020 that the cast has signed on for the show’s sixth and final season.

Take this quiz and find out how many details about the series you remember correctly!

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    At the end of Season 4, a demon attempts to abduct infant Charlie in order to raise the half-celestial child as the next king of Hell. What is the demon’s name?

    • Dromos
    • Squee
    • Lee Garner
    • Amenadiel
  • Question of

    In the series, Lucifer is shown playing a musical instrument. What musical instrument does Lucifer play?

    • Piano
    • Guitar
    • Saxophone
    • Accordion
  • Question of

    In which year did Lucifer leave his position as the Devil on Hell and relocate to Los Angeles?

    • 2011
    • 2009
    • 2010
    • 2012
  • Question of

    What is Mazikeen’s “human” surname?

    • Smith
    • Morningstar
    • Brit
    • Brown
  • Question of

    What is the true name of the man in the episode ‘God Johnson’ who thinks himself to be God?

    • Earl
    • Tom
    • Mark
    • Josh
  • Question of

    Benny Choi’s pet pig’s name is

    • Pig Diddy
    • Pig Piggy
    • Pig Siggy
    • Pig Giggy
  • Question of

    What is the name of the priest Lucifer meets in the episode ‘A Priest Walks Into A Bar’?

    • Father Frank
    • Father John
    • Father Francis
    • Father Kinley
  • Question of

    Whose soul did Lucifer take and revive in a woman’s body?

    • Abel
    • Chloe
    • Beatrice
    • Dr. Linda Martin
  • Question of

    What was the crime that brought Lucifer and Chloe together?

    • Murder
    • Robbery
    • Drug trafficking
    • Identity theft
  • Question of

    Lucifer frequently refers to Dan as

    • Detective Douche
    • Detective Dumbo
    • Detective Dick
    • Detective Stupid
  • Question of

    In the California desert, whose clothing does Lucifer steal?

    • Lee
    • Dan
    • Amenadiel
    • Chloe
  • Question of

    What is the model of Chloe Decker’s service gun?

    • Glock 19
    • Glock 22
    • Sig Sauer
    • Beretta Model 92
    • Beretta Model 92
  • Question of

    Father Kinsley wrongly informs Lucifer about someone attempting to return Him to hell. Who was that person?

    • Chloe
    • Mazikeen
    • Amenadiel
    • Lee
  • Question of

    What is the name of Lucifer’s Archangel?

    • Michael
    • Abel
    • Chloe
    • Amenadiel
  • Question of

    What steps does Lucifer take to keep Michael from impersonating him?

    • Carves a scar on Michael’s Face
    • Changes the color of Michael’s Wings
    • Changes Michael’s skin color
    • Cuts off Michael’s wings
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    In the episode ‘A Devil Of My Word,’ how many individuals did Maze have to battle to save Linda?

    • 12
    • 11
    • 13
    • 10
  • Question of

    In “Wingman,” it was a piece of Lucifer that saved Amenadiel from dying. What was that part??

    • A feather from Lucifer’s Wing
    • Lucifer’s tears
    • Lucifer’s fluids
    • Lucifer’s finger
  • Question of

    Ella Lopez is originally from where?

    • Detroit
    • Los Angeles
    • Indiana
    • South Carolina
  • Question of

    Who steals the container holding Lucifer’s wings?

    • Renny
    • Dan
    • Amenadiel
    • Mazikeen
  • Question of

    In which season does Lucifer finally get his wings restored?

    • Season 2
    • Season 3
    • Season 4
    • Season 5
    • Season 5

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Last question doesn’t make sense. Amenadiel, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel are all Archangels…

and Lucifer didn’t steal Mr. Said Out Bitch aka Lee Garner, he made a deal with him.


19 out of 20, almost…  😅 


10/20  🙄 


17/20 😅


17/20  😈