Grey’s Anatomy Trivia Quiz

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    The show’s title is taken from ?

    • A medical textbook
    • A doctor’s autobiography
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    In which American city is Grey’s Anatomy set?

    • Seattle
    • Chicago
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    What was the name of the hospital until it was called Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

    • Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital
    • Seattle Grace Sacred Heart Hospital
    • Seattle Grace Virginia Mason Hospital
    • Seattle Grace Deaconess Hospital
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    Who perishes in the plane crash that occurs at the end of season eight?

    • Derek and Cristina
    • Arizona and George
    • Izzie and Addison
    • Lexie and Mark
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    When they sign their divorce documents, what secret does April hide from Jackson?

    • She has breast cancer.
    • She’s moving to Portland.
    • She’s pregnant.
    • She’s going to another hospital.
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    Cristina is left at the altar by who?

    • Owen Hunt
    • Ben Warren
    • Jackson Avery
    • Preston Burke
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    Meredith blames Derek’s death on which doctor?

    • Dr. Amelia Shepherd
    • Dr. Callie Torres
    • Dr. Penelope Blake
    • Dr. Mark Sloan
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    In season five, who gets hit by a bus?

    • Derek Shepherd
    • Mark Sloan
    • George O’Malley
    • Alex Karev
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    Why are Callie and Arizona bringing their divorce to court?

    • Arizona wants more alimony.
    • Sofia needs special care.
    • Sofia’s custody battle.
    • Arizona wants their home.
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    What are the names of Meredith’s three half-sisters?

    • Lexie, Molly and Madelyn
    • Jo, Molly and Margaret
    • Izzie, Cristina and Maggie
    • Lexie, Molly and Maggie
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    Why isn’t Jo saying yes to Alex’s marriage proposal?

    • She doesn’t really love him.
    • She’s already married.
    • She’s moving to New Zealand.
    • She has a child.
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    Meredith’s first encounter with Derek happened where?

    • Starbucks
    • Emerald City Bar
    • At the park
    • Alley Cat
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    “The Nazi” is a nickname for who?

    • Dr. Bailey
    • Dr. Burke
    • Dr. Webber
    • Dr. Montgomery
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    After Cristina leaves the episode, who is Meredith’s “person”?

    • Owen Hunt
    • Alex Karev
    • Nathan Riggs
    • Richard Webber
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    Zola Grey Shepherd comes from what country?

    • Guinea
    • Uganda
    • Malawi
    • Egypt
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    Who is the creator of “Grey’s Anatomy”?

    • Ryan Murphy
    • Shonda Rhimes
    • Mindy Kaling
    • Tina Fey
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    Who are Sofia’s biological parents?

    • Callie and a sperm donor
    • Arizona and Derek
    • Callie and Mark
    • Callie and George
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    Who elopes to Las Vegas in season three?

    • Callie and George
    • Izzie and Alex
    • Meredith and Derek
    • Owen and Cristina
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    Which surgical intern does Dr. Pierce have an affair with?

    • Andrew DeLuca
    • Shane Ross
    • Erica Hahn
    • Isaac Cross
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    What hospital did Derek die in?

    • Dillard Medical Center
    • Seattle Grace Hospital
    • Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
    • Mercy West Medical Center

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19/20, only needed one to be perfect  😥 

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