Other Game Of Thrones Spinoffs Unlikely To Arrive Before HOTD Season 2

HBO & HBO Max executive Casey Bloys says there won’t be a second spinoff of the acclaimed high fantasy series Game of Thrones until after House of the Dragon season 2 premieres. Since Game of Thrones wrapped its run in 2019, numerous spinoffs have been in development to further explore the world of Westeros. At time of writing, four other live-action spinoffs are reportedly being considered by the network, as well as three animated spinoffs.

Game of Thrones took viewers all around the world of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, introducing characters from all rungs of society as they’re affected by the war for the Iron Throne. At that time, many locations, characters, and conflicts were introduced and then forgotten as the focus had to stay on the main characters. However, with so many Game of Thrones stories in the works, the world of Westeros could be explored in much more depth.

In an interview with Vulture, Bloys explains why fans are unlikely to see another Game of Thrones spinoff before House of the Dragon season 2. He doesn’t go into detail about what spinoff could come next but emphasizes they wouldn’t go forward without the endorsement of series creator George R.R. Martin. Bloys also says that a second spinoff hasn’t even been greenlit yet, making any possibility of one still several years off. Read his quote below:

I think probably the next thing would be season two. I try not to comment too much on development, so there’s not a whole lot to say, other than when we find the story that George is happy with and we’re happy with, we’ll move forward.

Which Game Of Thrones Spinoff Could Move Forward Next?

With so many spinoffs to choose from, it’s hard to gauge which one HBO will want to pursue after the success of House of the Dragon. A likely candidate Bloys and his team could choose is the tentatively titled Snow about fan-favorite Jon Snow after the events of Game of Thrones, with Kit Harrington reprising his role. This spinoff could work to partially retcon the highly criticized ending of Game of Thrones and allow fans a bit of closure.

House of the Dragon‘s success proves there’s still an audience for Game of Thrones media, even after the controversial ending of the base series. Bloys is making the right decision in not rushing forward with any more shows, because something like House of the Dragon requires significant resources to produce, and pursuing too many spinoffs could stretch the network too thin. In the end, fans of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon will have to wait some time before their return to Westeros, but hopefully, down the line, more shows will become available to fill the void.

Source: Vulture

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