Nicholas Hoult In Talks For Eggers Nosferatu Remake With Bill Skarsgard

Mad Max: Fury Road star Nicholas Hoult is in talks to join Bill Skarsgard in Robert Eggers’ remake of the horror classic Nosferatu.

Nicholas Hoult is in talks to join Bill Skarsgard in Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu remake. Famed silent film director F.W. Murnau set the stage for many vampire films to come with his 1922 Nosferatu. Loosely based on Dracula, the expressionistic classic inspired the infamous Werner Herzog to do a 1979 remake starring the equally-infamous Klaus Kinski.

Vampires of course remain incredibly important to pop culture 100 years after Murnau made Nosferatu, as evidenced again by AMC’s new adaptation of Ann Rice’s Interview With the Vampire. So it’s no surprise that Nosferatu itself is being dug up one more time, this time by The Northman helmer Eggers. Frequent Eggers collaborator Anya Taylor-Joy was indeed originally set to join him in remaking the vampire classic, alongside Harry Styles. But both original stars later had to drop out, opening the door for Skarsgard and Lily-Rose Depp to step in.

Now another big-name actor is reportedly on the verge of sinking his teeth into Eggers’ remake of Nosferatu. According to Deadline, Mad Max: Fury Road star Hoult is in talks to join the cast alongside Skarsgard and Depp, though Hoult’s exact Nosferatu role is not yet known. Coincidentally, Hoult is also set to star alongside former Nosferatu actor Taylor-Joy in the upcoming horror-comedy The Menu. And he also happens to be starring alongside Nicolas Cage in Renfield, another Dracula-based vampire tale (though a comedic one in this case).

Why Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu Will Be WEIRD

Nosferatu writer-director Eggers obviously is no stranger to the world of horror, having begun his feature film career with the very atmospheric and psychologically oppressive The Witch, starring Taylor-Joy. Eggers then followed this up with another foray into the netherworld between the real and unreal, the Willem Dafoe-Robert Pattinson two-hander The Lighthouse. And this year Eggers unleashed his third feature film in The Northman, starring an insanely ripped Alexander Skarsgard as a Viking warrior on a quest for revenge, in a film that managed to make living in the Middle Ages seem both earthily terrifying and nightmarishly trippy.

Though Eggers’ previous three films can all be said to live in different genres, they all share in common certain traits that have become the director’s signatures: an obsessive faithfulness to period in terms of design, a story that deals to some extent with folklore and a willingness to incorporate strange and surreal imagery at any given moment. Indeed, the surreal aspects of the films are perhaps their most striking, leading to indelible images like Taylor-Joy’s walk into the woods to join a coven at the end of The Witch, or the various bizarrely hallucinatory ritual scenes in The Northman. Clearly Eggers is not someone who ever tries to rein in his imagination, no matter how strange or inscrutable his ideas may be. And that alone is enough to assure his take on Nosferatu will be a uniquely weird and powerful experience (which is at it should be, considering whose footsteps he’s walking in).

Source: Deadline

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