Nic Cage’s Batman Villain Idea Is Silly

Nic Cage’s idea may be somewhat ridiculous, but with The Batman 2 seemingly set to recycle some familiar villains, it could be exactly the kind of fresh take the Batman movies need. With a chance to bring one of comics’ enormous and diverse rogues gallery to the big screen, Cage’s idea – far from official or likely at this point – has the potential to push the Batman films in an innovative direction that keeps audiences guessing. While the villains rumored to appear in The Batman 2, such as Two-Face and Mr. Freeze, are admittedly worth revisiting, maybe it’s time to introduce something completely new to Batman’s catalog of on-screen villains.

Speaking about the future of his career, Nic Cage revealed his desire to play a villain from the 1960s Adam West Batman TV show in a future Batman film. Cage, a huge fan of the comics and the Adam West series, is also a deep admirer of horror superstar Vincent Price, and believes he could bring something “terrifying” to Price’s portrayal of Egghead in the original show. Noting that “the character’s hilarious…everything starts with ‘Egg-cellent.’ And it’s, ‘Egg-static'”, Cage believes he has “an approach to that character that could be terrifying.” Nicolas Cage also stated in March 2022 that “I want to have a go at Egghead. I think I can make him absolutely terrifying,” so it appears he has been considering this for some time. While it is unlikely audiences will see Cage as this obscure villain in The Batman 2, this idea raises an interesting question regarding which Batman villains should appear in future films.

Egghead was created specifically for the Adam West TV show. With his signature yellow suit, bald head, and an endless assortment of egg-related puns and weaponry, he was a criminal mastermind who was indeed hilarious. Despite being a somewhat ridiculous character, Egghead was also ruthlessly intelligent and a consistent thorn in Batman’s side. He was one of only two villains (along with King Tut) across the entire series to deduce Batman’s true identity, and he did so not through coercion or deception but through logical reasoning. Wacky, cunning, and intensely creative, Egghead was an antagonist who perfectly suited the more goofy, light-hearted aesthetic of the 1960s show and yet, as Cage clearly believes, lends himself to a more sinister portrayal that would suit the gritty realism of Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Nic Cage As Egghead Might Be The Wild Card The Batman Movies Need

Given Egghead’s character history, it makes sense that Cage would be perfect for the role. Cage is an actor known for his tremendously over-the-top performances, which include the poorly received The Wicker Man remake and the famously outlandish Face/Off, and it is this eccentricity that could make him such an intriguing Batman villain if given the chance. Indeed, the Batman universe is no stranger to turning seemingly silly villains into dark serial killers. The Batman showed how the Riddler, known for Jim Carrey’s comedic performance in Batman Forever, was able to become a twisted, almost Jigsaw-like serial killer with Paul Dano’s performance in The Batman. Likewise, Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix’s dark portrayals of the Joker differ from Jack Nicholson’s slightly more light-hearted portrayal and of course the almost solely comedic version of the character in the Adam West TV series.

Such examples prove that Batman villains can often undergo drastic character transformations to fit the tone of the project. Indeed, the most popular Batman villains are often both terrifying and hilarious and produce comedic moments even in the darkest scenarios. With the Batman movies seeming to always recycle similar, albeit classic, villains, perhaps a newer and darker iteration of a lesser-known antagonist such as Egghead is exactly what The Batman 2 needs, and Nic Cage seems incredibly passionate about the prospect.

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