New Trailer For The White Lotus Introduces Even More Hateable Characters Than Before

New Trailer for The White Lotus Season 2 set in Sicily and starring Jennifer Coolidge, Michael Imperioli, and Aubrey Plaza has been released.

HBO Max released its first lengthy trailer for the upcoming season of The White Lotus. Created by Mike White, released its first season in July 2021. The show follows a cast of characters either vacationing or working at a fictional resort called The White Lotus. Season 1, which took place in Hawaii, earned 11 Emmy nominations and five wins.

The show’s second season introduces a new cast of characters staying at a resort in Sicily, Italy, with only Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gries reprising their season 1 roles. Newcomers include Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, and Haley Lu Richardson. White told audiences to expect a “different vibe” for season 2. In addition to the show receiving a location switch-up, White says the plot will focus on different themes than the show’s first season – including sexual politics.

HBO Max posted the first full-length trailer for The White Lotus Season 2. While audiences were already aware of the location change and new cast list, the first look gives more insight into the show’s new characters and what to expect. Haley Lu Richardson will play Coolidge’s assistant, while Plaza will play the wife to a newly-rich and relatively quiet entrepreneur (played by Will Sharpe.) James seems to take over for Jake Lacy’s previous hateable rich guy persona. With an Emmy win on her resume from season 1, it also seems Coolidge’s character will be given more of a spotlight in the upcoming season. Watch the full trailer above.

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Another interesting storyline that will likely be explored in season 2 is the family vacation turned “boy’s trip” between The Sopranos alum Michael Imperioli, Adam DiMarco, and F. Murray Abraham. In a brief clip, DiMarco’s character says, “We’re on a family vacation and it’s just the three of us because all the women in our family hate you.” In following clips, Imperioli welcomes young Italian locals into his suite. It also looks like tension is brewing between season 1 lovers Tanya McQuoid (Coolidge) and Greg (Gries).

Season 1 of White Locus consistently brought out the grotesqueness and ugliness in human nature, and season 2 definitely looks like it could top it. What’s more, after what viewers saw between Coolidge’s character and Natasha Rothwell’s Belinda in season 1, it will certainly be interesting to see the dynamics that play out between Coolidge and Richardson as her assistant. The trailer includes so much, it will be difficult to wait for the season to drop, but luckily it won’t be too long. The first episode of season 2 of The White Lotus drops on October 30.

Source: HBO Max

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