New Podcast Trailer Dives Deep Into Calexit

Warner Music Group’s in-house podcast network, Interval Presents, has just released the trailer for a new podcast called The Last Resort. The eight-episode documentary series, which was produced by Awfully Nice, premieres on Oct. 18 through all major podcast platforms. Musician and activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez narrates these episodes, which take listeners on a journey through the rise and fall of Calexit—otherwise known as the movement focused on California’s independence from the United States.

Not only does The Last Resort seek to delve into how the world would have changed had California managed to secede, but it also touches on the relatively recent rebirth of the sentiment. Martinez begins by uncovering the origin of the movement and exploring the vision of its organizers, but each half-hour episode builds the tension for what may eventually become a battle for America’s soul, especially as the FBI and Russian Intelligence become inextricably intertwined with might otherwise be considered and idealistic fantasy. Interested listeners can check out the first trailer here.

Awfully Nice has produced plenty of podcasts, which encompass a variety of aspects of culture, music, and politics. Former Spotify executives Jesse Burton and Katie Hodges, who founded the Awfully Nice company, have created some powerful and intriguing content, such as the Audible Original podcast Coupledom with Idris and Sabrina Elba. They also co-produced Spotify Original podcast The Messenger with Dreamville, among others.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Explores Divisions In The Last Resort

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is a hip-hop artist who has already made an important mark on his community, helping to preserve his Indigenous culture and fighting for the environment, at only 22 years of age. He has developed personal and professional ties on both sides of the US and Mexico border and has furthered his social justice work both through his music touring and his activism. He has published books on the importance of community organizing and his public speaking credentials include TED Talks and United Nations speeches, all of which mark him as uniquely suited to be the voice that guides The Last Resort listeners through the history and implications of the Calexit movement.

Check out the key art for The Last Resort below, which emphasizes the division between California and the rest of the United States in a visceral way. At the moment, the gulf between opposing viewpoints in the country may be mental, but it could quickly become altogether too physical. The new podcast from WMG and Awfully Nice hopes to help listeners understand the breach and further educate themselves on the state of the union, which Martinez’s surefooted narration is certainly prepared to do.

The first two episodes of The Last Resort will premiere on October 18 through all major podcast platforms, with new episodes being released every Tuesday.

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