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Mexico City metro: concerns over structural flaws and construction quality. At least 23 people died.

Authorities in Mexico City have vowed a thorough investigation into the failure of a metro overpass, as concerns about the line’s safety grow.
“Nothing would be hidden” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, while the mayor said the investigation would include an outside firm would be involved in the inquiry.

(CNS photo/Luis Cortes, Reuters)
Since the line’s establishment in 2012, there have been concerns over future structural defects.
Concerns over structural flaws and construction quality, as well as accusations of corruption, have been raised.
The elevated track on Line 12 plummeted onto a road killing at least 23 people.
President López Obrador said “We cannot get into speculation, much less blame the possible perpetrators without having proof” 

The incident, according to Fernando Espino, secretary-general of the union representing metro employees, was caused by a construction problem.
“This is a structural failure… We don’t know if it’s related to the material with which this [section] was built. We need to see what happened,” he said, according to El Universal newspaper.

This is the city’s metro system’s worst incident in decades. Two subway trains derailed in 1975, killing 31 passengers.

At least 79 people were hurt, including one person who was rescued alive from a car buried under the rubble. The mayor stated that among the fatalities were children, but she did not elaborate.

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Children fatalities too 🙁