Latest Details On CM Punk, Young Bucks & Kenny Omega Returning To AEW

The latest update on CM Punk, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega isn’t great news for AEW fans, who might be hoping to see any of them back soon.

AEW fans holding up “Free Kenny” signs at recent episodes of Dynamite will be disappointed by the latest news surrounding CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks. Tony Khan and AEW have remained silent about what happened following the All Out pay-per-view. Punk went on a verbal rampage that reportedly led to the Being The Elite crew confronting him backstage. A physical altercation of some sort allegedly broke out, leading to All Elite Wrestling suspending The Young Bucks and Omega. CM Punk was injured at the pay-per-view, and it’s unclear if he’s suspended at this time.

Based on a report from Dave Meltzer, what is clear is that no one involved has heard much of anything from Khan or AEW. From the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “Regarding the situation with those suspended over the fight (C.M. Punk, Young Bucks, Ace Steel and Kenny Omega), none of the five have heard anything from AEW. All of the five are continuing to get paid, and when you figure the contracts for four of the five are well in excess of $1 million, the total weekly outlay for people who are not working is enormous. At least one person (not one of the five) who was there has not been interviewed, and there may be others. Most are frustrated because they want to be back working at this point.” Meltzer also noted that a few involved individuals wanted to talk about it but weren’t sure if they’d ever be granted the ability to do so.

AEW Has Moved On Without Punk & Being The Elite

AEW hasn’t missed a beat without CM Punk, Omega, and The Young Bucks. Ratings have remained steady enough without them, and several other talents are taking the ball and running with it. The Acclaimed are incredibly over as homegrown tag-team champions. It’s tough to imagine them in this spot if Matt and Nick Jackson were still operating backstage and on screen. Meanwhile, Orange Cassidy has won his first championship in AEW and continues to receive massive reactions. And, of course, Jon Moxley has become the closest thing All Elite Wrestling has to a company man, as he recently signed a five-year deal to stay. Then there’s MJF, who might just be the brightest rising star in all of professional wrestling.

On paper, the loss of Punk and the Being The Elite crew should have been catastrophic for AEW, especially with the injuries that have torn through the company this year. Adam Cole, for instance, would be at the top of the card right now if he was healthy and able to wrestle. That hasn’t been the case, however. While Dynamite isn’t growing, it isn’t limping along either. Perhaps where the loss of those top guys hurts the most is on Rampage, but Khan has access to enough talent to make Friday nights matter again if he wants. Even without Punk or Omega involved. The alleged lack of communication is somewhat surprising, given that Matt, Nick, and Kenny are all EVPs and Punk is the biggest draw in AEW history.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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