Justice U Update Given By Arrowverse’s John Diggle Actor

Arrowverse star David Ramsey gives a new update on John Diggle’s Justice U spinoff show. While the Greg Berlanti-produced franchise has been a flagship corner for the network, The CW canceled both Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman while announcing months later that The Flash season 9 will be its last one in 2023. With the cancelation of multiple shows, the overall Arrowverse took a big hit in 2022.

Despite the shake-ups at The CW this year, the Arrowverse’s Diggle spinoff is still in the works. In January 2022, The CW put Justice U into development, with Ramsey set to headline the series from Superman & Lois’ Michael Narducci and Grey’s Anatomy’s Zoanne Clack. The network also confirmed that Ramsey was being eyed to direct the pilot, having helmed several episodes of Superman & Lois and other Arrowverse shows. Set after the events of Arrow, Justice U would follow Diggle mentoring five young metahumans who he sends to a prestigious university. After The CW canceled multiple shows in 2022, there were no updates about the fate of Diggle’s spinoff series until June, when a report emerged that Justice U remains in development.

While The CW and Warner Bros. TV have not made any statements about Justice U, Ramsey has provided a new update about the potential Arrowverse drama. In TVLine’s recent edition of Inside Line, a fan inquired if the outlet had any news about Justice U. TVLine shared one of their quotes with Ramsey at the Barbara Berlanti Heroes Gala, where the Arrow veteran addressed the spinoff show’s current status. According to Ramsey, they are working on the second draft of the Justice U script, revealing that a new female writer has just boarded the project.

“We’re on the second draft of a script, and we just closed the deal on a writer. I’m not sure I can say her name, so I won’t, but we’re very close to submitting our second draft. It’s still in development, and we’re moving forward.”

Justice U Might Still Not Move Forward Due To CW New Owners

It’s crucial to remember that Justice U being in development does not mean the same thing as having a pilot or series order, as The CW did not make it part of the 2022-2023 TV season. While Ramsey’s update may be a positive one, there is still a strong chance that Justice U won’t move forward on The CW. Nexstar recently became The CW’s new majority owner, as they now own 75% of the network while WarnerMedia and Paramount share the remaining 25%. Reports about Nexstar’s acquisition of The CW have strongly implied that superhero shows will not be part of their strategy moving forward, meaning the remaining Arrowverse shows, Superman & Lois and Stargirl, may not last for much longer, as well as the upcoming Gotham Knights series.

Depending on The CW’s restructuring, Justice U may unfortunately not move past its development phase if the network intends to target other demographics and genres. What Ramsey’s update reveals, however, is that the first draft was likely not well received by The CW, hence why they are seemingly re-developing Justice U for the upcoming pilot season. Whether or not Justice U would be set on Earth-Prime or perhaps on Superman & Lois’ world remains unclear, but it could be one of the reasons why they are working on a new draft. However, Justice U could become one of the latest canceled DC TV shows to not go forward beyond its pilot, as The CW made attempts to launch Green Arrow and the Canaries, Wonder Girl, and Painkiller in the last few years. Since pilot season is coming up in a few months, time will tell if Arrowverse’s Justice U will get any closer to happening on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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