Jamie Lee Curtis Addresses Whether She’d Do More Halloween Movies

Halloween Ends star, Jamie Lee Curtis, recently addressed whether she would return to do more Halloween movies. The venerable actor has had a long career in Hollywood in popular films such as Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda, and True Lies. However, Curtis became most known for her role as the young babysitter Laurie Strode in the 1978 slasher-horror classic, Halloween, the actor’s first ever theatrical film role.

Following her appearance in the original Halloween film, she returned for Halloween II (1981) where she was seemingly killed off by Michael Myers. The Halloween franchise was originally intended to be an anthology series and moved on from Myers. However, after fan backlash over Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Myers was resurrected for three more films. In 1998, Curtis was called back once more to kill off Myers in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. After a positive response to the movie, Myers was resurrected three years later in aptly-titled, Halloween: Resurrection. Now, Curtis returns once more to kill Myers in the highly-anticipated conclusion to the latest Halloween film series, Halloween Ends.

In a recent interview with SFX (via GamesRadar), Curtis addressed if she would ever return to star in another film in the Halloween franchise. The actor recalled how Jake Gyllenhaal was the one who connected her to the latest Halloween project, a franchise she had thought she put behind her. But after completing the latest three films, Curtis has found her life transformed for the better and attributes her new creative success to the Halloween trilogy. The actor insinuates that if it were not for the new films, she would not be where she is now. She uses this as a reason why she will never discount the possibility to return to the franchise in the future. Read what Curtis said below.

“I was sitting in the exact place I am sitting right now when my phone rang, and it was Jake Gyllenhaal. I picked up the phone and he said, ‘Hey Jame, my friend David Gordon Green’ – who he had just worked with on the movie Stronger – ‘would like to talk to you about a Halloween movie.’ That was in 2017, in the summer. The last thing I thought five years ago that I would be doing would be a Halloween movie.”

“And here I am, [laughs], having now completed three of them with a fantastic creative group of people. That has not only been satisfying for me personally and creatively, but it has launched me creatively into a whole other world. I have a creative life now, because of the Halloween movie, and the success. I now have a partnership with Jason Blum at Blumhouse, I have a production company, I’ve written a horror film that I will direct, I am producing television series, I am buying books. All of that was the last thing I thought I would be doing five years ago. So to say never is stupid.”

Does This Mean Laurie Strode Survives Halloween Ends?

Although Curtis states that she will never say “never” to returning to the Halloween franchise, Halloween Ends will firmly end the current trilogy. Producer Jason Blum previously stated that following Halloween Ends run in theaters, his deal with franchise producer, Malek Akkad, will be complete. However, original Halloween (1978) director, John Carpenter, shared that anything is possible in regard to the franchise as he believes that if the franchise continues to make money, it could go on indefinitely.

Strode does not need to survive in Halloween Ends for her to return to the franchise. The character was thought to have died between Halloween II (1981) and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, yet she returned in Halloween H20: 20 Year Later, a film that served as both a retcon and reboot of the franchise. Although Strode was again killed off in Halloween: Resurrection, Halloween (2018) ignored all films in the franchise, with the exception of the original, and continued that story. Although unlikely, history has already demonstrated, that if Curtis considered the story sufficient, the actor could return to Haddonfield once more to continue the Halloween franchise.

Source: SFX (GamesRadar)

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