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Idea for a James Bond movie

5 James Bond facts you probably didn’t know:

1. The name ‘James Bond’ was actually taken from a birdwatching book Ian Fleming had handy when in search a name “as mundane as possible” – the quintessential British hero is named after ornithologist Dr James Bond.

2. For the opening scene of Skyfall, Daniel Craig was given 85 identical versions of Bond’s Tom Ford suit, and Skyfall’s cast went through 200,000 rounds of ammunition during weapons training.

3. Goldfinger was both the first film to feature a laser beam and the first film in which Bond drives an Aston Martin.

4. The corkscrew car jump featured in The Man with the Golden Gun was performed in just one take and was the first stunt ever calculated by computer modeling.

5. The name of the 17th Bond film, Goldeneye, came from the Jamaican estate where Ian Fleming wrote 14 of his novels.

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