Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Gets Classic X-Men Costume In MCU Fan Art

In light of his return in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3, new MCU fan art imagines Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine finally getting his classic X-Men costume.

New MCU fan art features Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine wearing his classic X-Men costume from the comics in Deadpool 3. After 17 years of playing the Adamantium claw-wielding mutant, Jackman retired from the role in 2017 via the acclaimed Logan by director James Mangold. In the movie, Wolverine finally met his end while protecting a young mutant, Laura/X-23. Logan was both a commercial and critical hit, as well as the best send-off of Jackman’s beloved X-Men character one could hope for.

Considering the popularity of the character and how good the actor is in the role, however, there has been a persistent clamor for him to suit back up as Wolverine since Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s TV and movie assets. The historic purchase meant that the long-separated mutants and all their tie-in characters would finally be incorporated into the Marvel Studios’ MCU. After years of clamor, it was finally confirmed that Jackman’s Wolverine will be in Deadpool 3. The Ryan Reynolds-starring film will be under Marvel Studios as their first R-rated venture.

Jackman’s return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 allows the actor to do certain things that he wasn’t able to when he played the character under Fox. That includes donning the mutant’s comic-accurate suit on screen. There is currently no concrete indication that this will be the case in Reynolds’ upcoming threequel, but digital artist Subi Özil took it upon themselves to imagine what that may look like via a new MCU fan-art.

Why Hugh Jackman Never Wore Wolverine’s X-Men Comics Costume

Jackman played Wolverine a total of nine times over 17 years, but despite previous teases of the character’s bright yellow spandex, he never got close to wearing it. The actor admitted in 2017, after Logan, that not sporting Wolverine’s classic X-Men suit was one of his biggest regrets. He explained, however, that despite trying, they just couldn’t find a way to make the rather corny-looking suit work within the more serious tone of the Fox’s X-Men franchise. As for the yellow-and-black helmet that usually goes with the mutant’s ensemble in print, Mangold has a slightly different take on it, explaining that he doesn’t think that Jackman’s version of Wolverine would be interested in wearing something self-promoting.

As Jackman returns as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, he can finally don the character’s classic X-Men costume. Beyond another chance to play the mutant on the big screen, the more playful tone of the Deadpool movies would be a more fitting setting for the usually serious hero to wear something bright and even tacky. Jackman sporting the yellow suit could also play into the contentious dynamic between Wolverine and Deadpool. But it’s safe to say that even if the actor doesn’t get to put on the comic-accurate suit, fans will still be thrilled to see him play Wolverine in the MCU.

Source: Subi Özil/Instagram

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