How The Winchesters Is Protecting Supernatural Canon On Set

Drake Rodger, who plays John Winchester in the series, addressed one of the ways the show is protecting the legacy that Supernatural built.

The Winchesters star Drake Rodger teased how the series ensures it doesn’t mess with the original show. Fans were equally excited and nervous when the Supernatural prequel series was announced, unsure of how the creators could craft new storylines without messing with 15 years of canon. Fans already know a little about the John and Mary Winchester story, and it didn’t include them fighting monsters together. John didn’t discover demons until the yellow-eyed demon, Azazel, killed Mary. So, The Winchesters are already messing with what was established in the mothership.

The Winchesters isn’t the first spin-off that The CW attempted. In 2014, Supernatural: Bloodlines, set in Chicago, aired as a backdoor pilot in the original, but fans didn’t take to that. Then there was a prequel about Samuel Colt set in the Old West that wasn’t picked up in Supernatural’s ninth season. Lastly, there was Wayward Sisters, which many fans were excited about, but the show didn’t get a series order. Even Jensen Ackles was disappointed that one didn’t take off. But The Winchesters finally got it right.

How The Winchesters are handling established canon is on many fans’ minds. Drake Rodger, who plays John Winchester in the series, is also a fan of Supernatural, so he understands the fear fans have. At the New York Comic-Con press room, which Screen Rant attended, he addressed one of the ways the show is protecting the legacy that Supernatural built. They have an entire team dedicated to ensuring nothing is said or done that would mess with what’s been established. Read Rodger’s full comment below:

“There’s a whole group that they hired. And one of them runs the Supernatural Wiki page. She’s part of our crew. She’s the lore, hey can we do this, and she’ll go research, and no, you can’t do this, but what you can say is this.”

How Can John And Mary’s Story Fit With Supernatural?

The most clear-cut fan theory is that John and Mary are mind-wiped. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t explain what Dean Winchester saw in “In the Beginning,” season 4, episode 3. So, there are some plot holes for The Winchesters to figure out. Or maybe they already have. The nice thing with science fiction and fantasy shows is the rules can be bent. There are supernatural ways for something to be explained. It’s how Dean and Sam Winchester could die so many times and keep coming back.

Luckily fans won’t have to wait too long to find out how The Winchesters connects to the original show. Showrunner Robbie Thompson has said that it will be revealed in episode 13. There are many theories about how the series will connect, but as season one unfolds, more will undoubtedly come out, and current ones will either get stronger or disappear.

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