Hollywood Reacts To James Gunn’s New DC Movies Job

A variety of Hollywood celebrities are reacting James Gunn’s new DC movies job, celebrating the Suicide Squad director’s major position.

With the announcement that James Gunn is heading the DC Studios film slate, Hollywood has nothing, but praise for the genre bending director/producer. Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Iron Man, audiences wondered if DC was going to follow suit with their own shared universe. Following the success of The Avengers, and the divisive reaction to The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. and DC felt that it was the right time to launch their own universe starting with Man of Steel. What should have been a surefire hit, turned into a mess with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and a series of films that mostly undermined DC’s attempt to compete with Marvel.

Enter James Gunn who, after a brief falling out with Disney and Marvel, took up the reins to the DC film The Suicide Squad. The film, acting as a standalone sequel to David Ayer’s movie, was critically acclaimed, with some considering it one of the best DC movies produced. Even though the film was not a box office success, it garnered enough support for a spin-off titled Peacemaker, which similarly scored rave reviews and opened the door for future projects for Gunn at DC. What started as a minor project grew into something better as Gunn was named the new head of the rechristened DC Studios.

Following the announcement, many of Gunn’s associates and frequent collaborators took to Twitter to voice their approval of the decision. Among the Hollywood celebrities celebrating Gunn’s new DC movies job include Michael Rosenbaum, Ben Schwartz, Kumail Nanjiani and comic book writers Gail Simone and Jim Lee. Check out the tweets above:

What Gunn’s New Job Means For DC’s Future

DC’s history with film has been a tumultuous affair. Before 2013, the majority of DC’s film slate included Superman and Batman movies, but as the studio attempted to break out of their comfort zone with films like Catwoman and Green Lantern, their critical and commercial failures scared the two away from trying to adapt any other of their characters for some time. Man of Steel was the push they needed to break out of their shell, but with frequent criticism aimed at their lack of direction and rushed slate, there was no telling what was next for them. DC then proceeded to land themselves in hot water with the fallout involving Ray Fisher and the poor handling of Ezra Miller, leading many to wonder if they were ever going to get their act together.

Now that James Gunn is in charge, audiences and fans can rest easy knowing that a comic book film veteran is making the plans, having gained the trust of many for The Suicide Squad, and clearly that of DC Studios and Warner Bros. as well. While their current output is slim, audiences can expect to hear many great things lined up, including the potential Man of Steel 2, which is reportedly looking for writers now and Henry Cavill recently returning in Black Adam. It is currently unknown if Gunn intends to work with the likes of Zack Snyder again, but with major support coming from within and outside the industry, it looks like DC Studios has a bright future ahead.

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