Grey's Anatomy, an ABC show, has been paused due to an abundance of caution in the face of escalating COVID cases.

Several ABC shows, including Grey’s Anatomy season 18, have halted production due to an increase of COVID cases. In recent weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has taken another turn as the Omicron variety spreads over the world. Cases have increased in several places, most notably in the United States. This has heightened public worry about movie theaters and other entertainment venues; many Broadway plays have canceled performances, and Late Night with Seth Meyers has halted production for one week after Meyers tested positive for COVID.

There were several shutdowns throughout 2021, but some large productions were able to continue with minimal disruption. However, with Omicron producing an increase in positive cases, ABC is wise to take caution. Fans should be assured that this will not have a significant impact on Grey’s Anatomy season 18.

Aside from COVID difficulties, the most pressing topic for Grey’s Anatomy right now is whether season 18 will be the series’ final season. Pompeo has expressed her desire for the show to end, although there are indications that ABC is in early discussions to renew it for season 19. Fans will most likely have to wait a little longer to discover more about Grey’s Anatomy’s possible finale, especially since the program is dealing with more important issues due to the unexpected shutdown. Nonetheless, despite the fact that things are always changing behind the scenes, spectators can expect to see Meredith and the rest of the cast returning on their televisions next month.

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