Freaky Friday’s Jamie Lee Curtis Weeds Out Lindsay Lohan Impersonators

Jamie Lee Curtis explains how she weeds out those trying to falsely impersonate former Freaky Friday co-star Lindsay Lohan. Curtis and Lohan played mom and daughter Tess and Anna Coleman, respectively, in the 2003 version of Freaky Friday. The film was a remake of director Gary Nelson’s Freaky Friday from 1976, in which Barbara Harris and a young Jodie Foster play the body-swapped pair. Both versions have become classics in their own right, inspiring reimaginings such as the 2020 horror movie Freaky.

Lohan was just 17 years old when Freaky Friday was released, but was already at the height of her child stardom. Lohan had been in another hit remake of a classic film, acting as both of the lead twins in 1998’s The Parent Trap when she was just 12. The Parent Trap put Lohan on the map, and she went on to star in her own music videos and in 2004’s Mean Girls. Curtis, on the other hand, was a seasoned actor by that point, known for her breakout role as Laurie Strode in Halloween as well as numerous other performances in movies like Trading Places, A Fish Called Wanda, and My Girl. After Curtis and Lohan met on Freaky Friday, they have reportedly remained friends and still remain in frequent contact.

Curtis is keen to those who merely pretend to be Lohan, according to a recent interview with EW. She says whenever Lohan texts her saying “Hey, it’s Lindsay,” Curtis has a test for her to prove whether she is indeed who she says to be. Curtis asks the texter “What was the song that we both tried to learn the rap to when sitting in the car for an entire day together?,” an answer that supposedly only Lohan knows. Check out the full quote from Curtis below:

When she texts me, she’ll say, ‘Hey, Jamie, it’s Lindsay. I’ll be like, ‘Prove it.’ Here’s our proving it: I say, ‘What was the song that we both tried to learn the rap to when sitting in the car for an entire day together?’ If she answers correctly, then I know it’s Lindsay. If it’s somebody fishing, pretending to be Lindsay, they won’t know that answer. So, for all you fake Lindsays out there, that’s going to be your question!

Lohan and Curtis Remain Close After All These Years

Of course, Curtis did not reveal the song in the interview, as that would defeat the point of her purportedly foolproof method of identifying her Freaky Friday co-star. Curtis’ anecdote confirms the sweet, enduring rapport between the two actors that at this point has developed over decades. Even in 2022, the two clearly do still talk, and reference inside jokes from years prior.

Both Lohan and Curtis have gone their separate ways in their careers, however. Lohan has gone on to play herself in movies like Scary Movie V and in an episode of Glee. Next year, she will star in a fantasy-comedy called Irish Wish. Curtis, on the other hand, played a memorable role in this year’s Everything Everywhere All at Once. She also received a reboot of her Halloween series, and will start in the last one this month with the upcoming Halloween Ends. But, with the close bond between the two stars after Freaky Friday, perhaps another collaboration between Curtis and Lohan sometime in the future is in the cards.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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