Ezra Miller Reportedly Filmed New The Flash Scenes Last Week

Ezra Miller recently filmed new scenes for The Flash last week as part of the latest round of reshoots despite their various controversies.

Ezra Miller reportedly filmed new scenes for The Flash last week as part of the DC Extended Universe movie’s reshoots. Warner Bros. has been developing a solo film for Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen since 2014 when the movie was originally announced with a 2018 release date. After multiple director changes, The Flash finally found footing in recent years and had all the makings to be one of the DCEU’s biggest films. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are set to return, and the film will also introduce Supergirl to the DCEU. The Flash‘s multiverse story also paves the way for many other cameos to take place, but multiple controversies involving Miller have decreased excitement.

The star has been mired in controversy over the last few years thanks to their actions off-set. This put Warner Bros. in a difficult position of figuring out how to move forward with The Flash, which included considerations to cancel the movie. It was only after this report that Miller released a statement apologizing for their actions and confirming that they are on a path to seek help for their mental health. Even as The Flash‘s fate came to this point, the movie’s director, Andy Muschietti, has been busy with post-production and putting the final touches on the 2023 DCEU movie.

According to a new report from The Wrap, Miller filmed new The Flash scenes last week for one day on the Warner Bros. lot. There is no information available on how many scenes Miller was part of during the reshoots, but the one-day commitment indicates it was a relatively minor set of pickups. This is not the first time that The Flash reshoots involved Miller, as they secretly filmed additional scenes earlier this year as part of the movie’s regularly scheduled reshoots. The new report indicates that Miller was brought back to film more scenes last week.

Warner Bros. Is Sticking With Ezra Miller As The Flash

The news of Miller filming new The Flash scenes is another sign of how Warner Bros. is committed to finishing the movie and sticking with the performer as the DCEU’s speedster. Their controversies created a growing question about whether WB could recast Flash and bring a new actor in to replace Miller for the future. It has already been confirmed that the studio had no interest in recasting Miller for The Flash as it would require reshooting the majority of the movie due to Barry’s leading role. Warner Bros. is once again showing that they intend to finish The Flash with Miller in the lead role, even if it means bringing them back for more reshoots.

There is still a question about whether Miller will remain the DCEU’s Flash after the solo movie. The Flash opens up DC’s multiverse and gives the studio an easy path to bring a new Barry Allen to the DCEU timeline, while the franchise could also take a simpler path and introduce Wally West as the new speedster. Miller’s DCEU future appears to be in their hands and what the long-term fallout of their controversies are. Only time will tell what happens, but The Flash is going to star Miller no matter what.

Source: The Wrap

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