Evil Dead Rise: First Look Image Is Both Creepy and Bloody

The next step in the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead Rise, is teased with a creepy first image, showing off the movie’s take on the Deadites.

The first look at Evil Dead Rise‘s Deadites has arrived just in time for Halloween. While often referred to as a cult classic, the importance of 1981’s The Evil Dead can’t be understated. As well as launching the Evil Dead franchise, the movie helped catapult the movie’s director Sam Raimi to stardom while also making a cult icon out of The Evil Dead‘s leading man, Bruce Campbell.

While Campbell took center stage in both Evil Dead sequels and the TV series Ash vs Evil Dead, the actor took a step back for 2013’s Evil Dead soft reboot. The latter instead focused on a new group of unlucky survivors, who, like Ash and co., found themselves face-to-face with the series’ parasitic demons, the Deadites. Although the earlier movies swayed toward horror-comedy, the reboot took the franchise in a more serious route while still keeping the series’ familiar DNA threaded throughout. Most notably, the movie retained the Evil Dead‘s signature use of over-the-top gore, and it looks like Evil Dead Rise will continue the bloody tradition.

While nearly 10 years has passed since the last Evil Dead movie – and over 40 since the series began – this first look at the Deadites in Evil Dead Rises is the next step in the series. Shared by the Evil Dead‘s Twitter page, the first images from the upcoming movie shows a possessed woman through the viewpoint of a peephole. In true Evil Dead style, the Deadite – and peephole – are covered in plenty of blood. See the image, above.

What Is Evil Dead Rise About?

Similar to 2013’s Evil Dead, Evil Dead Rise will continue the gory fight against evil with a brand new cast. The movie follows sisters Beth and Ellie, who, after discovering the Necronomicon in Ellie’s apartment block, find themselves in a battle against the monstrous Deadites. The movie will also see Lee Cronin step into the director’s seat, with series heavy-hitters Raimi, Campbell and Robert G. Tapert serving as producers.

The first image from Evil Dead Rise helps solidify just how optimistic audiences should be for the next battle against the Deadites. Alongside Cronin’s recent particularly bloody Evil Dead Rise backstage image, the movie looks to be incorporating all the things that make an Evil Dead entry great – and it’s clear that those behind the movie feel the same. Originally slated for direct release to HBO Max, Evil Dead Rise will now get a theatrical release, with the film set to arrive on April 21, 2023. Although Campbell is done with playing Ash in the Evil Dead franchise, it’s clear that with him, Raimi and Tapert have pointed Cronin in the right direction and Evil Dead Rise is in safe hands.

Source: Evil Dead/Twitter

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