Dozens of people were injured in clashes outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

According to Palestinian medics and Israeli police, at least 163 Palestinians and six Israeli police officers have been injured in clashes in Jerusalem.
Tensions have been rising over the possibility of evicting Palestinians from land occupied by Jewish settlers.

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The Red Crescent has established a field hospital to treat the injured.
Due to the “rioting of thousands of worshippers” after evening prayers, Israeli police said they had used force to “restore order.”

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The Al-Aqsa mosque complex in Jerusalem’s Old City is one of Islam’s holiest sites, but it also serves as the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest spot.
The site is a regular hotspot for violence, which erupted again on Friday night after thousands had gathered there to commemorate the last Friday of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.

Photo source: REUTERS

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that he “held [Israel] responsible for the dangerous developments and sinful attacks.”
Over the mosque’s loudspeakers, an Aqsa official called for peace. “Police must immediately stop firing stun grenades at worshippers, and the youth must calm down and be quiet!” they said, according to Reuters.

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance service, 88 wounded Palestinians were admitted to hospitals after being struck by rubber-coated metal bullets. According to police, some of the six officers wounded needed medical attention.

On Friday, the international community also called for a de-escalation as outrage grew over the threatened displacement of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem’s Shaikh Jarrah neighborhood.

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