Discovery Season 5 Saru Romance Teased By Doug Jones

As Star Trek: Discovery season 5 begins filming, the fan-favorite romance between Captain Saru and T’Rina is teased by actor Doug Jones.

Star Trek: Discovery season 5 will see Captain Saru’s romance continue, teases actor Doug Jones. The highly-anticipated next installment of Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek prequel series is currently filming in Toronto. Debuting in 2017, Star Trek: Discovery was the first show in a lineup of series to revive the science-fiction franchise following Star Trek: Enterprise’s cancelation a decade prior. Discovery chronicles the titular space vessel’s adventures as it travels across new worlds and civilizations under Captain Michael Burnham’s (Sonequa Martin-Green) direction.

Star Trek: Discovery began hinting at an unlikely romance between Burnham’s second-in-command Captain Saru (Doug Jones) and Ni’Var President T’Rina (Tara Rosling) as early as season 3. T’Rina, leader of the Vulcans, Romulans, and the Qowat Milat warrior nuns, and Saru grew closer during season 4 as Saru was appointed First Officer of the USS Discovery. Viewers were thrilled to see the two continue their flirtations, choosing to make their relationship official by the season finale. Now, Jones is opening up about what viewers can expect from the pair in season 5.

In a new interview with Collider ahead of Star Trek: Discovery season 5, Jones teases whether his romance with T’Rina will continue to grow in the new season. While Jones keeps specific details under wraps, he offers an optimistic glimpse into the duo’s future. Read on to discover what Jones has to say about his Star Trek romance below:

“Change is always afoot, for the story and for the characters, individually, and Saru is included in that. My biggest concern, going into Season 5, was, “Will my romance with President T’Rina, my lovely Vulcan lady, still continue?” I was happy to hear the answer, but I’ll let you figure out what that is, when you see Season 5.”

Why Saru & T’Rina’s Romance Could Cause A Problem

Jones does not directly answer the question, but his response suggests that Saru and T’Rina’s romance will continue to flourish during Star Trek: Discovery season 5. While audiences rejoiced in the pair’s sweet moments during seasons 3 and 4, it’s important to note that Saru’s relationship with T’Rina is not necessarily the best catalyst for his career in Starfleet. The Klepian’s dreams of commanding Discovery were put on hold as he was forced to redeem himself in season 4 after being demoted. While this allowed Captain Burnham to shine, it put First Officer Saru in a weird position, as he is clearly qualified enough to lead his own ship.

However, viewers want to see his romance with Vulcan President T’Rina continue, which poses a challenge for Star Trek: Discovery’s storyline. If Saru remains stagnant as second-in-command on Discovery, that further puts his Captain career on hold. While fans may be excited to see his relationship with T’Rina develop, that comes at a price. Whether this deters Saru from commanding his own starship remains to be seen when Star Trek: Discovery season 5 returns.

Source: Collider

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