Chris Jericho Opens Up About AEW’s Backstage Issues

Chris Jericho has always been an essential cog in the AEW machine, and he recently spoke to Screen Rant‘s own John Orquiola about the company’s ongoing backstage issues. The current ROH World Champion has been on a bit of a tear as of late. He’s been in the main event of the last two episodes of Wednesday Night Dynamite, and his match with Bandido was so outstanding that it landed the 27-year-old offers from Tony Khan and WWE. The Ocho has emerged as a locker room leader for AEW over the last few months, as problems between various roster members have boiled over and made the wrong kinds of headlines.

John Orquiola: I need to ask you about AEW. I think you are having the best year of your career, incredible matches all year long. It’s absolutely amazing. And obviously, you’re also one of the leaders in the locker room. And there’s been so much public backstage turmoil. So let me just ask you, as one of the locker room leaders, how does AEW just move forward and just keep on being the best wrestling company and get behind all this weird stuff going on?

Chris Jericho: Well, it’s one of those things. It’s really not that weird. I mean, it’s just wrestling, man. I think the only difference is that now, whenever something happens, it gets out very quickly, and everybody has an opinion. But I’ve been in locker room fights before, and it’s never good. But for us, I think there’s such a positive atmosphere which, of course, doesn’t get talked about. It really is a new era for our company. So many positive things on the horizon. So many great things going on right now. Our stories are just really clicking. The matches are really good. I thought last night’s show was great from top to bottom. Saraya has just come in, and we’ve got so many other great new talents coming in, with others getting ready to come in.

I think, sure, there’s negative things. But if you have 98 positives and two negatives, it’s the two negatives that are going to get talked about. And just like you said, you’ve just got to keep moving forward. And we know what’s happening. I know what’s going on with everything. We’re taking care of it. And that’s just the way it is.

It’s wrestling, it really is. And more importantly, there’s some great momentum for AEW, and our ratings are still great ratings. So it’s just [that] there’s so much positive stuff that when the negative things happen, you just deal with them, and you move forward. That’s how it goes.

Chris Jericho Continues To Be A Steady Hand For AEW

There isn’t a whole lot that Chris Jericho hasn’t seen at this stage of his career. He’s seen his fair share of backstage fights too. After all, the man was ready to fight Brock Lesnar back in 2016. Still, AEW has dealt with its fair share of growing pains over the last few months. CM Punk’s post-All Out media scrum continues to affect the company adversely. Andrade El Idolo was sent home on Wednesday night after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with Sammy Guevara. Eddie Kingston was also suspended earlier in the summer for pie-facing Guevara, while Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker allegedly had heat with each other for the better part of a year.

However, Jericho makes a fair point when he says that the positive stuff doesn’t get covered as heavily as the negative. It’s tough to come by stories about talent getting along backstage, hanging out, and playing Xbox. Once things go sideways, it becomes newsworthy, and those kinds of problems continue to leak from AEW’s locker room. Jericho and other veterans have reportedly asked the locker room to try and keep issues in-house, but so far, those pleas seem to have fallen on deaf ears. El Idolo and Guevara’s beef literally played out for the entire world to see on Twitter, for instance. Jericho will play a prominent role in the upcoming episode of Wednesday Night Dynamite. He’s set to defend the ROH World Championship against the Blackpool Combat Club’s Bryan Danielson. The show is airing live from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Jericho should receive a warm welcome from AEW‘s fans there.

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