Chris Hemsworth Shares Hilarious BTS Video From Thor: Love And Thunder

Chris Hemsworth shares the hilarious giant Mjolnir prop in a behind-the-scenes video of Thor: Love and Thunder posted on the actor’s Instagram.

Chris Hemsworth shared a hilarious video on his Instagram of him holding a giant Mjolnir on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder. The fourth installation of the Thor franchise was released on July 8th, 2022 to mixed, but mostly positive reviews. The movie follows a similar tone to Thor: Ragnarok, filled with bright colors and a comedic undertone, and features returning characters from previous Thor movies. Natalie Portman returned as Jane Foster after not being a part of Thor: Ragnarok to take on the mantle of MightyThor.

Thor: Love and Thunder follows Thor as he teams up with Jane to take on Gorr the God Butcher. The movie also focuses on Jane’s struggle with cancer and how her ability to shift into Mighty Thor and wield Mjolnir slowly worsens her condition. Jane and Thor resolve their past relationship problems in this film as they travel across different worlds to find Gorr. In the end, Jane shifts into Mighty Thor one last time to save Thor and loses her life in the process, being led into Valhalla for dying a hero’s death. The epilogue of the film features Thor adopting Gorr’s daughter, who was brought back to life at the end of the movie and beginning to raise her to be a superhero.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Chris Hemsworth is followed by a cameraman carrying an oversized Mjolnir. He joked about the large nature of the hammer, saying that it only looked bigger because he worked out less for Thor: Love and Thunder. He also quipped that proportionally, Mjolnir wasn’t that far off from its original size. See Hemsworth’s full video above.

How The Tone Of Thor Movies Changed

This behind-the-scenes footage of Thor: Love and Thunder gives insight into the comedic nature of the movie and the lightheartedness of the people behind the scenes. The cast seems to be able to enjoy themselves backstage and joke around with the props and each other. This could be attributed to the more comedic nature of the Thor universe following the success of Thor: Ragnarok. While Thor: The Dark World was known to be a more dramatic film in both plot and cinematography, recent Thor movies have leaned more into comedy and bright colors.

The more lighthearted lens on superhero movies paired with moments of seriousness has made Thor films that audiences are enjoying more. As Marvel fans have shared their enjoyment of these more comedic films, it’s quite possible that other Marvel franchises may experience a change in tone like the Thor films did. Clearly, the actors of Thor: Love and Thunder had fun both on and off the set of this movie.

Source: Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

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