Charlie Cox Demonstrates MMA Training Video Competence on a Par with Daredevil

A new training video featuring Charlie Cox shows off the actor’s impressive MMA skills as he prepares for his return in Daredevil: Born Again.

Charlie Cox is getting back in fighting shape for Daredevil: Born Again in a new video showcasing his impressive MMA training. Officially announced as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 5 slate at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Daredevil: Born Again will see Cox return as the blind lawyer-turned-vigilante Matt Murdock opposite Vincent D’Onofrio’s villainous Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin. Currently planned for a streaming release on Disney+ in early 2024, the first season will boast an impressive 18-episode run.


Cox’s first time in the role was cut short in 2018 when the original Daredevil series was canceled by Netflix shortly after the season 3 was released. While showrunner Erik Oleson pitched the streamer an idea for a potential season 4, Netflix had already begun canceling their other live-action Marvel shows, beginning with Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Subsequent cancelations for The Punisher and Jessica Jones would follow soon after Daredevil’s own. For a long time, fans had thought they had seen the last of Cox as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, until he appeared in a cameo as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man: No Way Home. He would also show up in a brand-new Daredevil suit for this year’s She-Hulk series.

With filming on Daredevil: Born Again expected to get underway early next year, Cox has been busy getting into shape for the role. Over the past few days, pictures have emerged of the actor training with MMA fighter and coach Chris Fields. Most recently, Fields released a video of Cox’s efforts via his Team KF Martial Arts Instagram page. Praising Cox’s left hook, Fields also claims to have renamed the Superman punch as the Daredevil in his gym. Check out the video above:

Cox’s MMA Training Promises Daredevil Pulls No Punches

During the original Daredevil series, Cox earned himself a legion of fans for his impressive fighting skills, especially those featured in the show’s infamous hallway fight scenes. Often dubbed as “The Man Without Fear”, Daredevil’s brutal approach to dispensing justice on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen was well served by Cox’s turn in the role. Indeed, Cox’s tenure as Daredevil was so impressive that when it came time for him to fight alongside Finn Jones’ Danny Rand in The Defenders, his martial arts abilities often put the supposed master of Kung Fu to shame.

The clear effort that Cox is currently putting into his MMA training certainly bodes well for fans expecting even bigger action sequences in Born Again. While Cox has previously intimated that he would like to see the new series include more CGI to showcase his character’s gymnastic abilities, it is still important that the series also focus on the practical fight sequences that Daredevil is already famous for. With more than a year still left to go before fans can experience Daredevil: Born Again for themselves, audiences will likely be eager to see even more of Cox’s impressive MMA skills in future videos.

Source: Team KF Martial Arts/Instagram

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