Billy Bob Thornton’s First Animated Series Reveals Trailer

Source Point Press’s first Franklin and Ghost trailer reveals Oscar-nominee Billy Bob Thornton’s outrageous new animated series.

A new Franklin and Ghost trailer reveals Billy Bob Thornton’s first animated series. Thornton burst on the acting scene playing the memorable Karl Childers in 1996’s Sling Blade, earning an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. A few years later he followed that up with a Supporting Actor nomination for Sam Raimi’s thriller A Simple Plan.

But as successful as Thornton’s dramatic acting career has been, it’s arguable that he’s been just as memorable in comedies. Thorton’s ability to craft an indelible comedic character indeed became undeniable when he portrayed a very irate and relatable mall Santa in 2003’s Bad Santa. In more recent years, Thornton has settled in as a reliable character actor in movies like The Gray Man and an acclaimed lead in shows like Goliath and Fargo.

Now the versatile Thornton is ready to try his hand at another new and challenging acting pursuit. As revealed by the new Franklin and Ghost trailer, the Oscar-nominee is set to voice his first full-time character in an animated series (after making a few cameo appearances over the years on shows like Harley Quinn and Robot Chicken). Thornton here voices the Ghost half of the show’s titular duo, alongside Sean Schemmel as Franklin. See the trailer from Source Point Press in the space below (via CBR):

What Is Franklin And Ghost Even About?

Based on a graphic novel by Garrett Gunn and Nicolas Touris, Franklin and Ghost season 1 concerns a pair of bored space miners who steal a ship in order to go on an adventure across the universe. But after accidentally crash landing on Earth, the pals must take over the bodies of a pair of unlikely hosts: an adorable forest-dwelling fox and a spooky ghost. This touches off “a rage-filled quest putting them on the radar of galactic police forces,” according to the official Franklin and Ghost synopsis.

As revealed by the above trailer, the show also includes a very action-hero-like female character named Delilah, voiced by Veronica Taylor. There’s also a villainous space cop named General Badguey, voiced by Christopher Sabat. Overall, the action looks to be very much in the outrageous vein of other well-known animated sci-fi shows like Futurama, Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites. The trailer is only able to announce that the show is “coming soon” however, meaning potential fans don’t know yet when they will get to find out if Franklin and Ghost earns a place of honor alongside all the other sci-fi themed animated comedies on TV and streaming.

Source: Source Point Press (via CBR)

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