Batwoman Actor Becomes Marvel’s Storm In Stunning Halloween Costume

Batwoman actor Javicia Leslie transforms into the iconic Storm from Marvel’s X-Men, wearing a gorgeous Halloween costume in a fun Instagram video.

Batwoman actor Javicia Leslie dons a stunning costume of Storm from the X-Men for Halloween. Leslie made headlines when she joined Batwoman in season 2 as Ryan Wilder, the replacement for Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane as the titular hero. Batwoman ran for a total of three seasons before it was canceled along with several other Arrowverse shows.

Leslie, however, may not be through with the Arrowverse just yet. The Flash season 9 has cast Leslie in a mystery role. Meanwhile, set photos have shown Leslie wearing red Batsuit, hinting she may be playing the Arrowverse’s version of the evil multiverse Batman character, Red Death. The Flash season 9 in the final season for the series, and as the last Arrowverse show still on the air, its series finale will mark the end of an era in superhero television.

In a recent Instagram post, Leslie can be seen transforming into the iconic Storm from Marvel’s X-Men in a gorgeous Halloween costume by way of a fun video. The costume is more comic-accurate than anything Storm has been seen wearing in the live-action X-Men movies, and Leslie is clearly having a ball inhabiting the powerful mutant. Check out Leslie’s stunning Storm costume in the post above.

Who Javicia Leslie Could Play In The MCU

With her time as Batwoman likely over, this post is nothing less than proof of what Leslie can achieve by the force of her persona and acting. In her jaw-dropping costume for Halloween, the former Caped Crusader may be hinting at how prepared she feels to enter Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Kevin Feige’s latest X-Men tease is any indication, the mutant team are expected to arrive in the MCU ssooner than later. Of potential X-Men who could join the MCU, Storm is one of the most anticipated characters. In her fun comic book-accurate costume of a character that has been a prevalent part of previous X-Men movies, Leslie looks like a front-runner for Marvel Studios’ eventual X-Men reboot.

But that doesn’t mean she is only suited for the weather-manipulator Storm. With her dynamism in past performances, Leslie can take on almost any mutant role, including the ability-absorber Rogue; illusion-generator Dani Moonstar; manipulative Diamonds; or the telepathic and computative Sage. It becomes even more timely knowing Marvel needs mutants in its MCU now more than ever. Though it’s only a fun video, seeing Leslie decked out in the suit of her DC competition, she’s showing how marvelous a portrayal she could give of any X-Men character of her choice.

Source: Javicia Leslie/ Instagram

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