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At least 25 people were killed in a shootout in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The shooting occurred during a police operation in a favela in the city’s Jacarezinho neighborhood.

After receiving information that drug traffickers were hiring children for their cartel, Civil Police initiated the operation.

The death of one of the city’s Civil Police officers, police inspector Andre Leonardo de Mello Frias, has been reported. According to a Facebook post, “he honoured the profession he loved and will be missed.”

Two passengers on a subway train were shot but survived.

According to media reports, the gang targeted in this raid is involved in drug dealing, muggings, robberies, and kidnappings.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dangerous states in Brazil, and large territories are controlled by criminals, many of whom are connected to powerful drug-trafficking groups.

During anti-crime campaigns in major cities, Brazilian security forces have often been accused of using disproportionate force against civilians.
A court decision in June limited police activity in Rio’s poor neighborhoods during the pandemic unless it was considered necessary.

“To say that drug traffickers recruit children and teenagers to deal drugs is almost laughable because everyone knows that these gangs have minors who work for them,” said Ignacio Cano, a sociology professor at Rio State University’s Laboratory for the Analysis of Violence.
“To say that you’re going to launch a massive raid because you’ve discovered that traffickers recruit children is a joke.”

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Robert E

It’s always sad when children are involved in such activies.


Jacarezinho is the Most dangerous area of Rio de janeiro.