Armin Shimerman Used Quark’s DS9 Teeth For Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Armin Shimerman reveals that he wore Quark’s prosthetic Teeth when recording dialogue for his appearance in Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3. Shimerman made his debut in the premiere of the 1993 Star Trek series that centered on the titular space station. Quark’s latest appearance was in the third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks when the crew of the starship Cerritos visited Deep Space 9.

A Ferengi resident of Deep Space 9, Quark is the owner of Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House, and Holosuite Arcade, bringing tourism and entertainment to the Gamma Quadrant installation. Despite his business bringing interest to Deep Space 9, Quark was more than willing to conduct shady and illegal dealings to earn a profit but ultimately grows into a more thoughtful and caring being who is willing to stand against the Ferrengi’s stereotypical core capitalistic principles to aid others. When Star Trek: Lower Decks visited Deep Space 9 in season 3, episode 6 “Hear All, Trust Nothing”, audiences were given the opportunity to see the fates of Deep Space Nine‘s cast after the series’ conclusion in 1999, including Quark’s successful expansion of his business into a franchise. With Shimerman reprising his role in the form of animation, the actor reveals how he kept his vocal performance genuine to Quark’s live-action appearances.

In an interview with, Shimerman offered some insight into how he approached reprising his role for Star Trek: Lower Decks. Shimerman revealed that when recording his lines, he wore the original Quark teeth prosthetic that was made for him during the original run of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Despite going as far as to wear the original prosthetic to create an authentic performance, Shimerman revealed that he wasn’t sure whether it had an impact on his performance in the show. Check out Shimerman’s full response below:

“I did use the teeth when I did the voice, thinking that it couldn’t be Quark unless I had the teeth in. I had the teeth from 20 years ago, which I used. But when I listened to the episode, it doesn’t sound like they’re in, so I don’t know what they did. I know I wore the teeth, but it doesn’t sound like the teeth are in, so that’s the only prosthetics that I had on, was the teeth that was made for me when I did the show.”

What Star Trek: Lower Decks Reveals About Quark’s Future

In-universe, Deep Space 9 is a famous location following the Dominion War, with the station becoming a place for Federation citizens to pilgrimage to. Quark has quickly capitalized on the opportunity to expand and create new business ventures. In season 2 of Lower Decks, it was revealed that Quark had begun to produce a line of scale models of notable Starfleet vessels that are fully functional, with functional computer systems and miniature warp drives. Season 2 also revealed that Quark’s restaurant had been expanded into a full franchise, as seen in both Lower Decks and Star Trek: Picard. Despite this, “Hear All, Trust Nothing” reveals that Quark is still dabbling in shady business, using stolen Karemma technology in his franchise’s replicators that allowed Quark’s businesses to be successful. When the Karemma representatives attempt to arrest the Ferrengi, Quark narrowly escapes arrest following quick business negotiations that allow the Karemma to receive a significant share of his profits.

After three seasons of establishing itself, Star Trek: Lower Deck‘s visit to Deep Space 9 was one of season 3’s most anticipated adventures. For long-term viewers of the franchise, the return to the space station gave them an opportunity to see the fates of many of the characters who have a fond place in many people’s hearts. And with Shimerman going as far as to wear the original prosthetic when recording his dialogue, it is clear that the star hoped his portrayal to remain faithful to the original series.


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