American Horror Story Season 11 Poster Reveals Zach Quinto’s New Character

A new poster for American Horror Story season 11 reveals Zachary Quinto returning to the series as a character named Sam. American Horror Story is an FX horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Each season is primarily self-contained, taking on a different approach to the horror genre by exploring various settings and periods, including a 1950s freak show, an 80s campground slasher, and, most recently, alien invaders infiltrating the government. Occasionally, cast members have reprised roles from previous years. However, most of the series’ ensemble cast return as a different character every season.

Quinto is an original cast member from season 1 of American Horror Story, known to the fans by the subtitle “Murder House.” The classic haunted house story explores the history of the Murder House, a Los Angeles mansion where dozens of individuals have died gruesome deaths, finding their souls trapped within the home for all eternity. Quinto plays Chad Warwick, a house flipper who meets his untimely demise while hoping to rekindle the relationship with his husband. In season 2 of American Horror Story, dubbed Asylum, Quinto plays the sinister Dr. Oliver Thredson, an abusive psychiatrist who is secretly the notorious serial killer, Bloody Face. After this shocking performance from Quinto, fans expected him to become a series mainstay. However, the actor has not returned to the series since.

The latest poster for American Horror Story season 11 was revealed on Twitter, showcasing Quinto’s return to the horror series. This time around, Quinto is playing a character named Sam. While not too many details about this character are known at this time, Sam finds himself in a basement surrounded by whips, crops, and other BDSM gear, a theme repeated throughout the marketing for season 11. Check out the full image below:

What American Horror Story’s Season 11 Setting Could Mean

This season of American Horror Story is subtitled “New York City,” an indicator that the season’s central plot will likely be set entirely within the city. Early reports from Chairman of FX, John Landgraf, suggest the story will be cut between two timelines but will be one cohesive story, unlike previous season 10 Double Feature. Prior seasons like Asylum have used non-linear storytelling to connect past events with modern-day consequences. The marketing for New York City incorporates elements of BDSM fetish wear, leading many to suspect that this season will revolve around a series of murders within the LGBT nightlife scene. The addition of Quinto’s Sam to the cast reinforces this suspicion, but with additional character details being scarce, fans will have to wait and see how the season plays out.

American Horror Story: New York City will feature several notable series regulars, whose character names and posters are expected to drop in the coming weeks. Actors Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, and Denis O’Hare are all expected to return for season 11 with several newcomers including Teen Wolf’s Charlie Carver. Fresh off his success directing several episodes of Murphy’s other hit series, Monster: The Jefferey Dahmer Story, Paris Barclay confirmed online that he would direct several episodes of New York City. Season 11 of American Horror Story will premiere on FX on October 19th, with the first two episodes available for streaming on Hulu the following day.

Source: AHSZone (Twitter)

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