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Adam Sandler’s the negotiator vs Bailee Madison

Scene from the movie Just Go With It, more about the movie:

During a weekend trip to Hawaii, a plastic surgeon convinces a trusted assistant to pretend to be his soon-to-be-divorced wife to cover up a careless lie he told his much younger girlfriend. Danny (Adam Sandler) must hire his loyal assistant Catherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his ex. Danny has to pretend he’s married because he lied to Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), the most beautiful woman in the world of his dreams. If you hide one lie to protect the woman you love, it soon turns into many lies. Burned by a previous relationship, Danny decides to avoid the appointment by telling every woman he meets that he’s married. But when he meets a wonderful little girl named Palmer, he thinks she may be the only one until she finds out that he is “married”. So, to save their relationship, he tells her that he and his “wife” are getting divorced. When she asks to meet her, he asks Catherine to pretend to be her own wife. Katherine gets a call from one of her children, and Palmer thinks they are Danny’s children and wants to meet them. And at this meeting, Catherine’s son tricks Danny into taking them all to Hawaii.
Watch trailer below:

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